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Published On: Mon, Jul 28th, 2014

Homosexuality in Africa, its origin and negative effects

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It began with the effects of the feud’s phylosophy, after the second world war

It began with the effects of the feud’s phylosophy, after the second world war

By Evelyn Okakwu

Recently the president of the Catholic Bishop conference of Nigeria, Bishop Ignatius Kaigama noted that the Catholic Church is clear on its stand for life and therefore will not encourage any marriage that will

not lead to pro-creation. “We are very clear in stating that we stand for life. The church and indeed our culture recognises only the marriage between a man and a woman. The pro-life conference is aimed at promoting the African culture, as well as the teaching of the church”.

Certainly, the culture of homosexuality can best be described as alien to the Nigerian and African society. In  a study  conducted by the Prolife group, to educate the public about the stand of the church

regarding homosexuality; with the title, Cultural imperatives and medical implications/health challenges in lesbianism, the relationship between the practice of homosexuality and the African culture was explained.

According to the study, “Africa known as the continent of life, had until recently been the most resilient region of the world to the attacks against the family that have surged with extreme violence in the western world during the last 50 years.

Also in the report, the association of Catholic Medical practitioners in Nigeria stated that social constructs cannot be based on deviant manifestation of individualism. To insist that exceptions be the fundaments upon which laws are premised is dubious science and ethical mischief,” they stated.

They described the act of homosexuality as a mental orientation, rather than a physical disorientation. The medical association described the normal human being as “Natural bisexual, either male or female. However, it stated further that there are various degrees of inter- sexual conditions, (Physical or psychological) of which homosexuality is one”. The study further stated that “Such conditions are not normal and are usually infertile”.

But how did the practice of homosexuality, which is so abnormal, become even debatable among normal people?.

According to the Arch Bishop of Calabar Diocese,  most Rev. Joseph Ekwuwem, “Historically and evolutionary gay relationship, either between male and male or female and female were hardly noticeable prior to the age of the sex explosion of the 20th century. The following key points were highlighted in the historical process, from the time in question till date.

There was an abnormal sexual behavior in the west after the First World War, but particularly at the end of the Second World War in the early 1940s.

The youths of the same period rebelled against status-quo especially in dressing, to mention but a few. Social norms hitherto acceptable were not only questioned, but largely rejected.

Bishop Ekwuma further stated that most of the attitude encouraged emanated from the philosophy propagated by Sigmund Frued. According to the school of thought, subversive behavior withdrawal from what he described as “Socially human and healthy relationships” and other factors in public life, were traceable to the effects of the malfunctioning between the libido and the super ergo. For this school

of thought, the fundamental sexual desire seeking expression in public life would usually lead to a breakdown in psychological expression; a situation that could lead to the psychological malfunctioning of the affected person.

Following the Freud’s philosophy, a retrogressive evolution occurred.

What was in the past considered immodest became a way of life.

Licentiousness which is part of the lower nature of being was let loose. Young people openly started kissing. They fondled and embraced in public places, such as car parks, train terminals, public functions

at theaters and even in churches. Even the St. Peter’s square in Rome was note left out as early as during the 1980s.

However, contrary to the givens of Freud’s philosophy, psychiatric hospitals were fuller as the number of patients were on the increase. Many young people left home and lived under bridges and in colonies of  drug addicts. Cases of crime increased too. Gradually following the sex explosion in Europe was a new baby: “unisex’. Seemingly tired of heterosexual coitus between male and female, the males began to draw into solely male groups. The females began to find new expressions towards freedom to maternal control and so gained fresh liberty, each to live her life the way she wants, even when she is too young for that kind of life. Face caps were turned backwards. Gowns were largely abandoned by young females, who also began to wear trousers with men as men began to wear earrings with them.  T- Shirts carried inscriptions like I am sexy; I am crazy, sexual coitus was given a new name: fun. The sacredness of sex and sexuality was thrown overboard, jettisoned into the ocean’.

Speaking further, the bishop added, “The fruits of these are with us today; psychic health as propounded by Frued led people into de-mythologization of sex, rubbing it of its sacredness and its genuinely healthy morality. This in turn, led to unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

To avoid this and other similar negative effects, the production and use of contraceptives became necessary.  The trend also led to a believe that abortion be legalized. But that has evidently not helped the situation in any way. If anything, the situation was only aggravated by the development in the west.

Unfortunately, not even the stand of the Holy books on the situation has deterred the generation of the present time.

As aptly noted by the Holy Bible God created the man and the woman to multiply through procreation, (Gen. 1,26). This situation that can only be made possible through the union of a man and a woman; the only true kind of marriage, (Gen 4).

Even during the destruction of the world through flood, which was a backdrop of the anger of God, resulting from the sin of man, which included the sin of homosexuality, God proved his desire for man and woman to be together, by instructing Noah to all kinds of animals in pears, of male and female in the ark. A sign that the intention of God was and still is to unite his creation on the bases of male and female union.

Indeed, the western world and a few misled Nigerians may continue to be on the side of destruction, by choosing a path, that not only negates the principle of Africanism but also the very fundamentals of

divinity, but as the special adviser to the President, Goodluck Jonathan on ethics and values, Sarah Jibril, When money is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost. But when character, (Ethichs or righteousness) is lost, all is lost.

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