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Published On: Thu, Oct 30th, 2014

Hijab ban: Dismissal of case, rape of justice – NACOMYO

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lagos bans hijabNational Council of Muslim Youth Organizations (NACOMYO) has described the dismissal of the suit filed by the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN) against the ban on wearing of hijab in public schools by the Lagos state government by Justice Modupe Onyeabor of the Lagos High Court, Ikeja, as biased and a rape of justice.

The Muslim organization said the dismissal, from all intents and purposes, tends to back illegality and denial of fundamental human rights of Muslim students in Lagos state.

According to the statement, jointly signed by its National Vice President and National Secretary-General, Malam Ahmad Ya’qub Jumba and Binyamin Yusuf respectively, NACOMYO stated that, “It is high time that Nigerian judiciary system gets rid of biased Judges who deliver judgments based on sentiments”.

The group queried: “Why must Muslim female students be denied the chance to be modest in their dressing? “Leaves can be borrowed from states like Kaduna State, where Muslim female students are allowed to use hijab while non-Muslim female students go to schools in their skirts and berets/scarves. What is good for the goose, they say, is good for the gander too! It is high time that Nigerian judiciary system gets rid of biased judges who deliver judgments based on sentiments!

“The council calls on all its members, the entire Nigerian Muslim students (most especially, all Muslim learners and students in both primary and secondary schools in Lagos state, who are being persecuted for their faith) to remain calm, patient, prayerful, steadfast, resolute and more committed to the dictates of the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah of our blessed Prophet (SAW).

“They should do nothing that will threaten peace and security as the judgment will be appealed and we are sure of getting justice insha’a Allah.”Fa inna ma’al usri yusra, inna ma’al usri yusra (…and indeed, ease shall prevail hardship. For sure, ease shall prevail hardship”, the statement read.

The council also felicitated with the entire world Muslim Ummah on the occasion of the New Hijirah Islamic Year, 1436, praying that, Allah will make the appearance of its crescent full of His succour, success, prosperity and mercy.

“Nigerian Muslims should seize the opportunity availed by this holy season, especially the fasting of Taasu’ah and Ashuurah on Saturday and Sunday, 1st and 2nd November, 2014, to supplicate to Almighty Allah to bring the end of insurgency around in time, bring back our girls, expose all the truth and facts about the Boko Haram and its sponsors as well as to appoint God fearing leaders for Nigeria at all levels, come 2015”, it said.


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