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Published On: Thu, May 23rd, 2019

Hate speech key to destruction of peace, unity, Islamic scholar warns

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From Mika’il Tsoho, Dutse

The notable islamic scholar and the chief Imam of Dutse central mosques Dr Abubakar Sani Birnin Kudu said, the danger of hate speeches could lead to the destruction of peace and unity among the Nigerian citizens.
Dr Birnin Kudu also faulted politicians over the increased spread of hate speeches and the circulation of fake news amongst the people.
The notable scholar dropped the hint yesterday at the event of Ramadan lecture organised by the state Chapter of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) in conjunction with the Federal University Dutse (FUD) with theme : the spread of fake news and hare speech: the position of Islam’.
According to him,the rise of the social media is an innovation so influential that it has become the strongest tool utilized by people to cause transformations in the political, social, religious and economic spheres of human life in modern society.
Dr Abubakar who is also the chief Imam of Dutse central mosque added that, the global clamour for freedom of speech, freedom of expression is being utilized negatively such that everyone interprets that freedom in a manner that suits him and gives him the chance to generate and spread his kind of misinformation”.
He stated that, “the abuse of this freedom is the subject of discussion all over the globe as it affects politics, religion, socio-economic life, ethnicity etc.”, adding further that, “Lies are
made to appear as normal decent and true stories”.
He noted with dismay that Vile, hostile and hateful comments dominate the social media and dangerous exchanges between individuals and groups engaged in such discourse has become the order of the day.
He noted that, “for the faithful to know the Islamic stand on these negative aspects of our life is very imperative especially now that we are in the month of Ramadan, the fasting of which is a pillar of Islam and during which the Prophet Muhammad made prohibited for the fasting Muslim to utter false statements, false testimony, engage in
back-biting others and other vulgar statements”, he stated.
The representative of the Jigawa state Governor, Alhaji Bala Ibrahim Mamser blamed the proliferation of independent media houses that seems to condone the perpetrators of such Vice by giving them the platform to air their perceived freedom of expression views.
He said the National Communication Commission (NCC) in conjunction with the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) must clamp down any defaulting media house or media platform used in the propagation of either hate of fake news that would serve as severe deterant to others.

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