Guosa language commences in UniAbuja

By Usman Shuaibu

The Guosa language initiator, Prof. Alex G. Igbineweka has commenced a two- week Train-The –Trainers of the Guosa language classes at the University of Abuja on Thursday.
According to Igbineweka, this is a Nigeria and ECOWAS united zonal language project of the University of Abuja in partnership with the Guosa Language Association, University of Abuja chapter and Guosa Educational, Scientific and Cultural Institute incorporated, USA.
He said: “Guosa language is now an international language and has gradually spread its tentacles in the international academic institutions worldwide”.
He further added: “Guosa language is a common indigenous lingua franca which includes both the Nigeria and West African traditional major and minor languages”.
The Guosa language evolutionist, however, appealed to every Nigerian to contribute towards the success of the Guosa, point out that Swahili for the East while Guosa for the West Africa.

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