Guber poll: Ekiti settlers endorse Bamidele

Communities of non-indigenous people in Ekiti State have endorsed gubernorship candidate of Labour Party, Hon Michael Opeyemi Bamidele, as date of next month election draws closer in Ekiti State.

The settlers, who are mostly farmers residing in the areas, trooped out in two villages of Ajebamidele and Sasere in Emure Ekiti during Bamidele’s rally recently.

They appealed to the candidate to assist them in construction of access roads and rural electrification projects.

Chief Augustine Ogah, an Idoma leader in Ajebamidele said opening up of the villages to Emure Ekiti township would assist them in transporting their produce like cocoa, cola nuts, palm kernels, oranges and cashew nuts for sale.

Mr Ogile Godwin, who spoke on behalf of the Igbos in Sasere village, also demanded GSM network to reach out to their people in other parts of the country.

They also demanded deployment of personnel to the only health center in their domain, as well as a police post.

Bamidele who promised to address all their requests also urged them to vote for him massively in June 21st election.

While lamenting their plight, he said “I have passed through your roads and I share in your plight as fellow Nigerians. All these will be addressed as soon as you vote us to office by the grace of God.

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