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Published On: Wed, Jun 24th, 2020

Group warns rapists in Kaduna

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From: Femi Oyelola, Kaduna

A Group under the auspices of Village Debbo Care Initiative, (VDCare), has warned rapists in kaduna state that the arms of the law catch up if they refuse to repent of their evils way.
The Founder/Executive Director of the Group Samira Isah Modibbo disclosed this while speaking to the media in kaduna yesterday.
She warned rapists that there are laws in place, and organization in conjunction with volunteers are willing to join in the fight against rape in Kaduna state.
“ Perpetrators of sexual abuse should know there are laws put in place to prosecute and convict them for the crimes.
“If rapists think that they can commit the crimes and go free, I tell you though the criminal justice system in the country may not be effective as it should be, right now there is a serious rise by people including Goverment against them.
“We will not let them go scott free, as we are out to protect our women and young boys because right now rape is not only about women.
Samira Isah Modibbo expressed dismay over the rise in rape cases in kaduna during the COVID-19 Lockdowns saying, there is no denial that there is spike in rape during this period of Lockdowns.
According to her COVID-19 came with many challenges, including poverty stressing that When one is in problem like financial it comes with oppression and many people handle this in different ways.
She disclosed that this might be aggression especially physical abuse in domestic abuse, which is the frustration that comes with the lockdown.
Samira Isah Modibbo, whose organization, is working towards promotion and protection of rights generally, explained that , sexual abused is not a new thing in Nigeria because it has been happening, but now people are beginning to speak more about it than before.
Moddibo however cautioned victims not to worry about victimization as people will always talk about it; explaining that it is better for their sakes as they would be taken to hospital for medical attention.
“Stigmatization should not be an issue. If you do not speak out the rapist will go on to his next victim, and the vicious circle continues.
According to Moddibo, rape is an insult to womanhood as even animals are not doing what humans are doing, saying it calls for a collective fight to end this menace.

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