Group urges sustainability of recovered loot policy

From: Femi Oyelola, Kaduna

The Africa Network for Environment and Economic Justice (ANEEJ) has called on the Federal Government to ensure that it is practically impossible for recovered funds looted in the past to be re-looted again.
The Managing Director of ANEEJ Reverend David Ugolor made the call while speaking to this reporter yesterday.
According to him there must be in place sufficients safeguarding measure to check against such a possibilities
He explained that some Nigerians nurse the fears that recovered loots may again be re-looted, therefore he advised the incumbent administration to earmark mechanisms to ensure such a development does not take place under its watch.
“As I speak, it is very difficult for anyone to re-loot any returned funds because as far as the Attorney-General of the Federation (AGF), and the entire government is concerned, there is no way that is going to happen.
“I can tell you that there are different organisations in charge of recoveries. So, in the whole system, there is no way that those assets, whether local or international will be re-looted, ’’ she assured.
“What I mean by that is that recovered monies are not like generated revenue that go into the Federation Account or the Consolidated Revenue Fund.
Reverend David Ugolor, futher said there was an obvious need for the establishment of institutions and mechanisms both at the national and international levels to enhance transparency and accountability in recovery of looted funds.
According to him, the GFAR principles are aimed at providing a framework through which CSOs and citizens can meaningfully engage relevant stakeholders and advocate for the improvement of the asset recovery regime in Nigeria.

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