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Published On: Mon, Mar 10th, 2014

Group out to tarnish Shekarau’s image

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By Sule Ya’u Sule

Since the declaration of the former Governor of Kano State and Sardaunan Kano, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau into the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in January this year, some group hitherto wanted to subjugate him to political extinction felt slighted and take off guard. They resorted to all kinds of blackmail and campaign of calumny. We are aware that this same group has constituted a team of 16 members whose duty is to everyday concoct malicious messages which they circulate on the social media and even newspapers, this, we have since notified some Editors about the activity of this group. We are glad that some of the Editors have seen reason and refuse to accept such publications despite payment made in advance.

The movement of Malam Ibrahim Shekarau and his patriotic supporters across the country to the PDP has really touched the psyche of the sponsors of the faceless elements who have since lost political focus and what remain of their political misdirection was to engage in political indecency, narrow mindedness and evil machinations.

It is, however, on record that Malam Ibrahim Shekarau was one of those who founded the All Progressive Congress (APC) for a viable and formidable opposition in the country. But no sooner when the party was formed, some inordinate politicians who have lost bearing in their old parties infiltrated APC to hijack its machinery. Malam Shekarau known for his political sagacity, justice and fairness could not afford to sacrifice his hard-earned righteousness with unjust elements that have catapulted their former parties to the ground. He therefore moved away from the old Wine in a new Bottle to join the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

His unblemished principle of justice and fairness made him to part ways with the same government that saw him as material for its administration. The way he was treated by the government coupled with his integrity made the good people of Kano to call him to join the politics and contest election against his then boss who so ill-treated him.

In 2003, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau listened to clarion calls of the people and joined All Nigerians People’s Party (ANPP). He contested against his boss who ill-treated him and had a landslide victory to remove an incumbent governor from office in Kano State. In 2007, after successful completion of his first term in office, he contested again for his second term and still won. Again, he became the first Governor to break the much dreaded jinx of second term in the history of the most populous state of the country.

Throughout the eight years of Malam Ibrahim Shekarau administration, the good people of Kano hived sigh of relive and there was both structural and human development, which are on record till tomorrow for people to see. He judiciously utilized all statutory allocations from the federal account in addition to his internally generated revenue. His government did not borrow single kobo to execute all the projects executed. Let anyone who cares to know that Shekarau’s Hand-Over Note to his successor in 2011, one will know that Malam Shekarau left huge sum of money in the government coffer as surplus. It is therefore not surprising those who are still hanging white paper on their necks and have ridiculously attempted to destroy their old political profile and have resorted to shortcut to throw out lies to the gullible public in order to tarnish the hard earned integrity of Shekarau, which they could not earn. This was simply the genesis of their tissue of lies on the pages of newspapers and social media against the real man of the people.

As Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (R.T.A.) said: “Do not feel lonely on the road of righteousness because of the fewness of the walkers on it” (Malam may be alone according to the detractors but he is on the right path). Shekarau went into PDP for a change just as some others went into APC. If the movement of Shekarau to PDP was contradiction and deceit, then the Shekarau’s detractors should know that every politician who moved from his/her party to another in recent time is a bunch of contradiction and even deceit too. Yes, PDP has been in power since 1999 but most of the same people who made it bad have left the party, why then should Shekarau not go there for a good beginning.

Of course, Shekarau was one of the people who have opposed the party again, the elements that made PDP what it was moved out. This is why Shekarau went there for more cleansing. If one may ask, who is not sincere; the person who spent over thirteen years milking the party and later abandoned it or the person who has just moved in to redeem the battered image of the party, let truth be told please.

Indeed, the Leopard does not change its spots as one that dumps Babban-riga and put on Shirt, it is all the same person. Come rain, thunder or sunshine, Shekarau’s PDP is on the course and ticking.

All the well-meaning supporters of Malam Ibrahim Shekarau should please continue to remain strong and resolute in the struggle and ignore the tissue of lies being dished out by those who are already frustrated by Shekarau’s defection to PDP. It all shows that Malam (Dr.) Ibrahim Shekarau is very much important in the life of the people

Sule Ya’u Sule is the Senior Special Assistant, Media and Public Relations to Sardaunan Kano, former governor of Kano state, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau

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