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Published On: Mon, Jul 21st, 2014

Gbosa for our northern delegates

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By Abdullahi Baba Abdul

In the past four months or there about, the nation went into a conference to discuss issues that have consistently bedeviled our unity, or in other words our sense of nationhood-ness. The conference was greeted with uproar from interest groups; Issues such as the legality of the conference, the process and mode of selection vis a vis the disequilibrium in the number of Christians versus Muslims and the number of perceived pro government from the north and the northern protagonist.

Despite all these reservations and apprehension that greeted the conference, it suffices to state that, the northern delegates regardless of their religion and inclination to the government of the day to whom many of them if not most of them got nominated, the outcome is “so far so good”. This is not to say that, all resolutions went all well exclusively in interest of the region, but in the spirit and interest of give and take, the performance of the northern delegates must be commended. There is no doubt that the region is repositioning to soar higher to the amazement of many. Their candour, dexterity and courage exhibited despite threats, blackmail, name calling and stage-managing of the proceedings, they never failed to be resolute on the agenda they went to the conference with; “Arewites” must give kudos to these honourable men of substance. The successes recorded indeed further invoke the sermon that “it is not in the number of armies that a war is won, but in the number of quality men who will play by the instructions with the determination to win”. I think the Arewa Consultative Forum should organize an avenue where these gallant men will be hosted to a resounding welcome. Their names are already written in gold.

It is also pertinent to note that even those northerners perceived to have gone on the contrary to the popular thought and stand of the region; they should not be despised but be admonished to understand why we must stand together as one. Our fellow Nigerians from the other zones must also be respected and appreciated for their thought and stand; after all, if there were no feelings of divergence in views and interest about certain things that brought us as one, the need to talk would have been needless.

It is also instructive to understand that it is yet “Uhuru”, the north must be decisive in the pursuit of its potentials. Let the spirit of our North and Our Nation reign supreme on our minds; piling of wealth and stashing it in foreign accounts have not proven to be an end to a means, nor has it proven to add a second In one’s  lifespan when the “D day” comes.

We watch as the technical committee to be constituted by the federal government as advised by the conference leadership will determine the faith of over one hundred and sixty million Nigerians who by providence, have stayed together through thick and thin, with an unarguable history of supporting each other (comparatively) will be determined.

Long live Arewa! Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!

Dr. Abdullahi Baba Abdul is reachable on

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