Football was crucial in my career, says Ojo-Oba

By Albert Akota

The Director of Federations and Elite Athletes Department (FEAD) at the National Sports Commission (NSC), Dr. Bolaji Ojo-Oba has said football was crucial to his career as he retired from the Federal Civil Service.

Ojo-Oba formally announced his retirement yesterday in Abuja, at a media briefing, saying he has no regrets whatsoever leaving after years of meritorious service.

“I have no regrets whatsoever that I am leaving the service. Every profession has its own hazard, but I thank God I exhibited some level of perseverance and patient to be able to get to where we got to now.

“If there will be any regrets at all it will be a kind of positive regrets that I am retiring. I enjoyed every bit of my time in sports/ football.

In spite the continuous wobbly and tumbling in the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) and the failure of the Super Eagles to qualify for forthcoming Africa Cup of Nations in Equatorial Guinea, Dr Bolaji Ojo-Oba, the outgoing National Sports Commission (NSC) believes nothing is wrong with the administration of football in the country.

He said rather than condemning the federation for not qualify for the 2015 Africa Cup Nations (AFCON), Nigerians should rally round and give the Amaju Pinnick-led board needed support that will enable them move nation football forward.

He however to appealed to Nigerians to exercise patience with the board and keep praying for their success. “Nothing is wrong with our football but we need to exercise patience and keep praying for those that are charge of affair of the NFF to succeed.

“I left NFF since 2010 and I have never for once said anything negative about them. I If feel there is anything I called them to discuss that is how it should be. Those in charge are human being and need your support. We have a new leadership and we should believe in them and keep support them to take us to promise land,” he stated.

According to him instead of continuous lamentation on the failure of the Super Eagles to qualify for 2015 Africa Cup of Nations we should start work how to qualify for the 2017 edition?

“Yes we didn’t qualify for Nations Cup and that is it. It has happened and there was nothing we can do about it because very soon the competition will start in Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria will not there. We don’t need to continue discuss on that, instead we should start think about how will be part of the next edition in 2017.

“All over the world sports is the most reported event. Those who know how to report will report it and those who doesn’t know how to report will still report their own. Lawyers who don’t even have paper will report it; leave their own to job to talk sports.”

Speaking further, Ojo-Oba who was the former secretary general of the NFF and commissioner of information and sports in Oyo State, said he has no any regret throughout course of serving his fatherland.


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