Food safety: Biocrops working with FCT farmers on crop multiplication

To boost food productivity and safety, Biocrops Biotechnology Nigeria Limited (Biocrops), an indigenous private crop science initiative in Abuja, has explained that it is working in the six area councils of the FCT to multiply yams and crops through the use of technology.
When the our correspondent visited Biocrops yard in Jabi area of Abuja various seed multiplication sites were observed.
One of the managers in Biocrops, Adaora Ekwegbara, confirmed to the PeoplesDaily that they were on ground in all the six area councils, in demonstration farms to mass multiply yam stems and seedlings, to boost productivity.
She said that Biocrops wants to make improved seeds available to farmers using technology “where do not alter the plant, but only multiply to only large quantity in a short period.”
She said they also produce bio fertilizer and bio insecticides in the complex as she assured they do not use chemical fertilizers.
Also speaking, Programme Director at Biocrops, Jonathan Robson, said there was the need to encourage Agric lecturers to come to the facility for upgrade and update their knowledge.
He said so far, they have trained over 3,000 interns on assorted seed multiplication. “This is geared at increasing farmers’ income which can be up to 30%, we can improve the confidence of local farmers to earn more income which government and in turn get better tax”.
He urged governments at all levels to support the technology to make bolster agricultural productivity and socio-economic wellbeing of the people.
He, however, made it clear that Biocrops doesn’t not practice any form of Genetic Modification (GM) on any of the seeds or seedlings it produces.
“Biocrops uses established bio-technology practices such as Temporary Immersion Bio-reactors (TIB), Tissue Culture (TC) and Aeroponic systems to mass multiply “farmer identified” best of breed crops under ideal plant conditions,” he stressed.

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