‘Fix waste bins along streets,’ residents task AEPB

Fix waste bins along streetsBy Mashe Umaru Gwamna

Some residents of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have called on the authorities of Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB) to fix waste bins along the city street to fast track a clean environment.

They said that the Board should ensure that waste bins are fixed by the tree side or removable ones where there are no trees within the city especially high density areas.

According to them the waste bins would enable people moving around the streets eating to drop whatever garbage they generates inside.

One Mr. Dankat Bobai, says it appears as if that right from the beginning the government did not have plans for such thing ( mobile street waste bins) for the city.

“There should be waste bins fixed by the tree side or removable ones if there are no trees they should fix something like drums , people moving around the streets eating can use for proper disposal of waste so that those responsible evacuate the waste.”

He maintained that the AEPB should have a penalty in form of fixed fine for those throwing dirt along the streets within the city.

Similarly, another resident, Bello Umar, there should be a task force that there sole responsibility is to make sure people imbibe by rules; this can also generate more revenue for the government.

Not left out, one Miss Miriam Ibrahim said that “If government had provided waste bins in strategic positions along the streets of Abuja, the AEPB sweepers will not be dumping or pouring waste inside the drainage, because they are seen just pouring gathered waste indiscriminately.

She said although, the AEBP always advice residents to buy waste bins for their homes, it is good the authorities fix waste bins along the streets so that the environment will look more beautiful and healthy for all.

“To reduce the rate of at which waste are being dumped carelessly everywhere within the city, the FCT administration and the AEPB should make provisions for waste bins for use by the residents.

“And if possible the Board should ensure they fix these facilities on every corner of the within the City to ease dumping of refuse because it not only lead to blockage of water channels but pollutes the environment.



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