Five reasons why this year’s BBA is the worst ever

bba-hotshotsThe series of intriguing drama that used to keep many television audiences glued to their set is missing in this year’s Big Brother Africa (BBA), as the candidates are said to be boring and unentertaining.

It is also clear that the Housemates are playing safe to avoid scandal which is usually the main stay and charming substance of the programme. presents the with 5 reasons why this year’s BBA show is the worst edition ever.

Boring Housemates

Reserved and gentle doesn’t work in the Big Brother show. Yes… Dilish the last winner was on the calm and ‘reserved side, but she brought lots of drama with her. What happened to the likes of Kelvin, Elizabeth, Beverly Osu, Uti Nwachukwu, Elikem, Angelo? The ‘Hotshots’ for some reasons have extremely cool, reserved and monotonous housemates who give us same thing every day.

Nigerian housemate, Tayo seems to have lost hs dramatic trait ever since he apologized to the housemate. Now we are back to normal and boring scenario.

Devoid of scandals

‘The Hotshots’ is obviously lacking of scandalous events. Sex sells, and half of BBA viewers look forward to an encore of ‘Richard who cheated on his wife with Tatiana’, and sexually harassed Offunneka, ’Beverly and Angelo’, ‘Bolt and Betty’, and all those unbelievable scandalous acts that comes with the show.

What happened to romance in BBA?

Now we are talking about real love’ and not casual flings or between-the-sheets romp. Unlike the ‘Hotshots’, The past Big Brother shows always presented us with lovable couples. We had Kevin and Elizabeth who are now married with kids, Pokello and Elikem who are engaged and we totally loved Oneal and Feza (Oneza) connection.

Things in the house are about to get worse if the below two continues.

Continuous eviction of interesting Housemates

When did Africans become sensitive to ‘entertainers?’ The ‘Hotshots’ would be a little interesting without the continuous eviction of the true ‘Hotshots’.

The past weeks have witnessed the eviction of the entertaining and dramatic housemates like Lilian, her style gave Africa something to talk about. Esther brought in lots of drama and action into the house. Mira allegedly had sex with Luis, she also shared a kiss with Luis and Nhlanhla, which means she had the potentials of bringing into the show the scandal people love to see.

Constant eviction of female Housemates

Imagine a Big Brother show with just guys. Not only have Africans become sensitive to real entertainers, they are also interested in having an only guy’s house. The past weeks have witnessed the eviction of 5 female housemates and one male housemate. If this continues, then we would have a house full of guys only. What would be the fun?



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