First Hausa on-line news platform, Rediyo Wonderland, debuts

PR Wire, a leading media consultancy outfit has announced the debut of the first Hausa online multimedia news platform in Nigeria (Rediyo Wonderland).

The new platform, according to a statement yesterday, in Abuja, aims at amplifying the role of the media in Nigeria, partake in the growth of independent thought and as well serve the interest and well being of the society.

The statement explained that through the use of text, photo, audio & video, Rediyo Wonderland targets to be a role model, in terms of transparency & social responsibility by providing Nigerians with contents that informs, entertains, develop minds and ripens individuals free of any bias.

“Our core values include integrity & independence, ethical conduct, public interest & social responsibility”., the statement further explained, would cover and report political & economic developments in the country as they unfold and at the same time feature guests to discuss burning issues in Hausa language.


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