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Published On: Wed, Dec 20th, 2017

Fighting a “defeated” Boko Haram with $1bn

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Wednesday Column by Israel A. Ebije | or

Divergent views have continued to dominate social media landscape since the news of federal government decision to spend a whooping $1bn dollar on a “technically defeated” Boko Haram terror organization hit the media. For most people who diligently study the Buhari led administration, it is very fresh to recall media based achievements of the APC administration especially in “defeating” Boko Haram. It was in 2015, the army declared victory, a hoopla which gave a lot of Nigerians confidence the present administration was on track. The excitement didn’t last as the terror organization insisted they were not defeated by successfully lunching series of deadly attacks across the flashpoint areas in the north central states. Once again, President Buhari led administration was quick to insist Boko Haram was only attacking “soft targets”, alleging that their actions are reminiscent of a dissipated terror organization.
The rational question to ask is, was the terror organization ever defeated since Buhari came on board, was the declaration of a defeated Boko Haram a mere propaganda, at what time did the ‘’conquered’’ terrorists regroup to be so formidable to require $1bn? There is no way these hypothetical questions can be answered without raising a red flag that we certainly have a highly volatile administration insanely propelled to dish Nigerians meals of propaganda. They have failed to get it right. Every time their lies catch up with them, they have former President Jonathans administration to blame.
The evident emptiness of this administration has left spots of doubt in the seemingly clean sheet of rationale behind pulling out of the $1bn for Boko Haram war. Even Mr. Presidents age has been reduced, instead of celebrating 82, its now 75. There are myriads of empirical results, which has left no one in doubt that president Buhari is not only surrounded by desperate, wicked class of politicians but he has allowed himself to be willingly manipulated. The cabals around corridors of power have 2019 figured out already. The embarrassing, and consistent blackmail of Jonathans administration is just a prelude to their devious plans to keep a Buhari in power just to manipulate him for their self based agenda. The fact that we are entering an electioneering year few weeks away is simply clear that a repeat of the Dasuki sharing spree is upon us. Desperation is already setting in on the APC politicians as the more than empty promises, economic frustration, security crisis is beyond their serial propaganda. With those who messed the PDP up working the mills of APC, it is most certain, the money will go down the drain on partisan politics as campaign funds.
Sadly emotional card is played up once government raises the issue of spending in the north east to battle terrorism. The tormented people of the north east have become cash minting machine as exposed in the immediate past administration. With issues bordering on lives and properties, government is crafty enough to use as shield those fraternally committed to the idea of saving lives first, then ask questions later. Considering what largely happened during Jonathans’ era, it is therefore instructive to insist on rationality to spend such colossal amount albeit claims of defeating the terror organization, transparency in administration of the money, accountability with traceable results after a target period of time – if the money should be spent.
Many Nigerians with mindset fused along with the incumbent administration may be fooled by the federal government decision, which by the way is not subject to national assembly approval. Some of us cannot be fooled all the time because we are wearing our thinking caps devoid of all forms of sentiments. The present administration is taking advantage of too many sheepish followers to carry on with its comedy of errors. Everything they condemned about previous administration is what they have turned squarely to undertake. They increased fuel price and supporters were quick to say Buhari could manage the economy well enough to be trusted. Nigeria economy cascaded into recession, they blamed it on the past administration, as criminals under Buhari are saints. Same administration claimed excess crude account a “fraud” and many other nauseating positions, which were promptly jettisoned without apologies to right thinking Nigerians.
Something tells me the colossal sum will be utilized as electioneering prebend without a stir. This is certainly a payback time for those who used state resources to bankroll the 2015 polls for the APC. The opposition PDP still stained with its mess has lost in affairs of honor, hence cannot be believed or trusted to police the APC on some glaring fraudulent decisions regardless of records to substantiate claims. Some prominent Nigerians who we expect to condemn the $1bn misnomer are likely beneficiaries, hence forced to keep quiet. For the ruling APC, the fear of defeat by the regrouping PDP is real. The 2019 polls for the ruling party is a ‘’do or die’’ affair as possible vengeance administration experienced since 2015 will be replicated with so many messy revelations from unlikely suspects.
Ebije can be reached via: or @ebijeisrael

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