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Published On: Fri, Aug 28th, 2020

FFK: The reactionary ranting of a frustrated politician

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By Abdulmumin Sangari

One would have thought by now our politicians should have been converted from political rascality to seamless political civility.
The barbaric display of a reality tv show by a politician who is supposed to be a partner in a democratic train to move the country forward but turned to be dictator is bush-league. It’s discordant for any politician who does not concorde with the current political reality. A politician who abhors journalists certainly loathes democracy.
The despicable behaviour of the man who always preaches human rights in the country is binaristically hypocritic and must be condemned by lovers of civilized democracy. FFK must note that human rights is synonymous with democracy and journalism. Just as when one time American President Thomas Jefferson was asked to choose between democracy and the press the late American President didn’t hesitate to choose the press in place of democracy because the press is the engine of democracy. It’s an act of infirm to scold and rain abuses on a reporter who’s performing a lawful duty as enshrined in the constitution of the Federal republic. The display of brushing teeth by the man who claims to be a democrat and activist is the most reflective kind of janjawi and Boko Haram character of behaviour- the only difference is that he didn’t use gun on the reporter during the press conference.
As a lawyer and former member of the Federal Executive Council in this country, it’s expediant on him to respect democratic elements and be a front line member in the defence of journalists and indeed journalism. But alas, the man vomitted badge of his true political behaviour, the worse, at a wrong venue.
May be he forgets that journalists are no EFCC but only report what transpires between him and the anti-graft body. He should also know that there are his likes under investigation in the country whose journalistic’ duty is only to cover and report. More importantly, a journalist has the right to ask question and if you’re smart you can politely return such question to the same journalist instead venting anger on the journalist. You can’t attack the messenger at the detriment of the message. Rather than passing the buck to the journalist, he should have devised means of either answering or tactically avoiding the question. There’s nothing fashionable to take long bath of hot water if the weather is hot. A simple question ,” who’s bankrolling the tour “ turned the man out of control- what? May be there is something hidden, he just wanted to blindfold us. In a civilized society, a real politician ought to behave with docorum. I have observed that after loosing the 2015 elections despite all his black propaganda on AIT channel, FFK’s style of politics has changed to survival of the fittest politics, they say survival is a balance between risk and reward, maximum risk yields minimum reward and minimum risk can equally fetch maximum reward. Though the feast is over, the scars remains.
I challenge the NUJ, NPAN, Daily trust newspapers and other democratic bodies to be wary of the out boast by this “human rights” activist for the future safety of our practicing journalists. His “apology” can not hold water because any mean politician can wake up tomorrow and do the same to those whose duty is to bring to limelight, the vises of those in custody of public trust.
We must avoid President Trump’s style in Nigeria.
For many years, this man has been an advocate of divisive tendencies on our nascent democracy. What I believe is that his concept of regional, tribal and religious bigotry in our body politics will continue to hit the rock as Nigerians become politically enlightened daily. He has shot dead his political career and democratic advocacy in Nigeria.
My clarion call on reporters covering events, is that should this kind of impunity happen again, all the journalists at the venue of the event should simulteniously vacate the venue in solidarity. That’s one of the major ways to halt such lawlessness in the country.
Sangari wrote in from Kubwa in Abuja

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