Federal government launches education data survey in Yobe

From Uche Uche, Damaturu

National Population Commission yesterday launched the dissemination of the 2020 Nigeria education data survey which the commission conducted with the support of the World Bank aimed at providing data for national planning, particularly in the education sector.
According to the chairman of the national population commission, Hon. Nasir Isa Kwarra, represented at the occasion by Umar Didaya, the Yobe state commissioner for works, the federal government of Nigeria, with support from the World Bank, is implementing the Better Education Service Delivery for All, BESDA programme in 17 focus states across the six political zones in the country.
The programme is an intervention programme that seeks to, among other things, reduce the number of out-of-school children, improve literacy rates and strengthen accountability in the education sector, especially at the primary and junior secondary level in Nigeria.
The project which is anchored on a program for results operation means that evidence of improvement in school intake and literacy level must be seen in the focus states before such states can be given support in terms of funding to increase the scale of performance.
He said the national education data survey would no doubt increase education data availability and set a trend for planning, monitoring and measuring education indicators in Nigeria in the focus and non-focus states of the programme.
Speaking to Peoples Daily shortly after the event which took place at Yobe state arts and cultural center in Damaturu the state capital, Zubairu Mohammed, the chief technical officer, federal ministry of education and statistics, Abuja, said the survey data is [resented to each state for the stakeholders to know the level of its performance in the education sector and could thus move the state to improve.
“We have conducted and processed the survey data and we are here to disseminate it so that Yobe, like other focus states, would know how they fare in the survey and to see its level of compliance with the education development plan of the country because we want all the states to reach the same level,” he said.
He stated that the dissemination of the data to Yobe is to show the state where it stands because there is fund that it could access in 2021 from the Better Education Service Delivery for All, BESDA programme that it could use to improve in the education sector particularly in the quality of education in the state.

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