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Published On: Thu, Aug 27th, 2020

Fear of a dark planet

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By Isah Aliyu Chiroma

Under the cosmopolitan vegetation of the land, the palm was greezy to the feel and touch of the moment of time. There comes the shadow cloud that covers the planet, changing the colour to a dark Vegetation. Even the air we breathe in was mixed with some strange attitudes, making the planet darker. The cloud was angry, wanting to shed some tears. But no rain will come until we remove the dark color from the cloud, only then rain can come like the waterfall. Indeed, we are the consequences of our actions. We kept looking when the atmosphere was been polluted with intoxicants which are deadliterious to the heart. The tendency of people in power to regulate the well being of a country and unpatriotic people is far left behind. ” A true Patriot will always demand the highest standards of his country and accept nothing but the best for and from his people”. True patriotism is achieved only when the ruler and the ruled have a goal to attain for the betterment of the country.
“Creativity is the most important leadership skills”. If a leader lacks creativity, he finds it much difficult for him to provide solutions to problems in society. If he has no mission and vision, but only knows about himself and his family, then how can he know where the society is heading to. If a leader will live in all the luxuries of life, do what he wants, when he wants, how he wants, then how did you expect him to know the whereabouts of the people he is ruling. After been elected into power, he now forgets all the streets and roads he chased for people’s votes during campaign, while he is there to represent them and fight for their need and provide possible solutions to a better life of the people. But when the time for election comes, he finds his way to every creeks and street pleading for their votes. Unfortunately, after all the promises, in the end the people hope even one of the promises made should be fulfilled.
“Corruption in Nigeria has passed the alarming and entered the fatal stage; and Nigeria will die if we keep pretending that she is only slightly indisposed”. A country does not need corruption to go further, Can’t we take a flashback and think about the effect of corruption on our country, What has it resulted to. Were we like this before? We left the path of our true leaders who practice patriotism, who want nothing but seeing people living a happy life.
Imagine a country where people go into politics to make themselves rich. That is why in our recent time ( 21st century), the ambition of most youths is to engage themselves in politics. Because that is one of the fastest means to be rich in the country. But the problem is, even the old men of the country have not yet left and you say you want to take over the country. Did you think they will step down and give you the leadership when they have not finish accumulating for their succeeding generations coming? So that they will not fall into what the other citizens find themselves today? Why not make the country a better place for leaving and that fear of leaving your generation into the world where everyone fights to survive ( survival of the fittest) will be satisfied and you yourself will not be worried from the fear of the dark planet you made with your hands. “Corruption goes with power; and whatever the average man may have it is not power”. It will be impossible for a citizen to come into power if you don’t fulfill the criteria ( if you don’t have money) even if you have the qualities of a good leader. So that was our direction. When those in power flourish, the upcoming generation will bear the consequences of their actions. The atmosphere was been polluted, even the political space. If you don’t have money, you go nowhere.
“Corruption had grown enormously in variety, magnitude, and brazenness since the beginning of the second republic”. Nigeria is one of the most corrupt nations in the world, wherein all sectors of the economy, there is no exception. We left the road to the future greatness of the country, everywhere you go, you can’t escape the black planet. Obviously, the current situation which was built over the years will take time to be corrected if we really need to change the story and maintain our history from Independence. ” History is a nightmare from which are am trying to awake”. That nightmare, that dream of our past hero’s that we could not unfold since is what we are trying to awake. Assuming we remember that dream, what effort have we put into place to correct our past actions( which is impossible), but rather, to build on the future coming creatively. To make the future great, we must apply critical thoughts in solving problems and always looking at our past actions so as not to repeat our mistakes.
Let’s prepare and build the future for the betterment of society and have a conducive atmosphere, naturally how it was from the beginning. And only then we can hope for change. So I believe through creativity, we can mold and build the future to a better place. If you have a creative leader, I don’t know where your country would have been and we must work hand-in-hand with the generality and the population to attain our goals together. We can make our country great again if we really mean to do so. We have all that we need, what is left is using them effectively.
Isah Aliyu Chiroma is a Public Affairs Analyst.

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