Fagge, the devil and Al-Mustapha

former Chief Security Officer (CSO) to the late Head of State, General Sani Abacha, Major Hamza Al-Mustaphas, as the “Dan-Maliki” of Uke communityBy Saadah Sanusi

I find it really disturbing how lately people resort to name-calling and spew venom at fellow beings who have every right to ventilate their views on all issues under the sun. I’m even more disturbed when some critics cast aspersions on the personality a person(s) without any evidence to substantiate their claims. One of such critics I have spotted lately is Mohammed NasirFagge who has taken on the personality of Major Hamza Al-Mustapha and his family, for no good reason.

Though I’m a lay person, I found it highly unethical and quite unprofessional to run such high wire slander and libel against an entire family.

I also found it reprehensible for Fagge, whose identity gives him away as a Muslim, to utterly disregarded all known moral standards and etiquette required by the Islamic religion in dealing with the dignity of fellow human beings so much as to attempt to soil the sanctity of marriage which calls for the strictest proof of allegations of infidelity and the independence of a family as an institution.

As a mother, I am greatly touched by the author’s total neglect of decency, decorum, and simple civil conscience in making those allegations, not even minding the concomitant effect it would yield in the psyche of Al-Mustapha’s innocent children.I wonder how the writer would have felt if his own children were to be subjected to such wicked trauma. It takes an inhuman and ungodly soul, in my opinion, to mete out such humiliation on innocent children by concocting evident lies against them that even touch on their paternity.

Fatima (Mimi) and Al-Mustapha jnr are friends and schoolmates of my own daughter, whom I can defend with my life from the mischief of the wide, wild, and wicked world as accurately symbolized by the author of the libelous article in question. It is apparent that I refuse to refer to the author by the names he used, and that is merely because it makes me sick to my stomach to associate the noble name of the beloved Prophet of Islam who came as a mercy to the world with a slanderous soul of satanic words. Jamil Gaya, a legitimate child of late Dr Gaya,as well as Fatima (Mimi) and Al-Mustapha jnr have completed their undergraduate studies and are currently pursuing their various fields of passion.

All the above-mentioned children, are ambassadors of humility, decency, and respect and should serve as role models for others. I shed motherly tears when I read the articles at the thought of what the family as a unit must be going through with all this persistent persecution. However, typical of Fatima( Mimi), when my daughter put a call to her to tell her that she felt her pain, she sounded unruffled.

Perhaps emboldened by years of persecution and seeking refuge with the Creator, Fatima (Mimi) simply said, ‘HasbunAllahwani’malwakeel’. And I believe that every mother that reads the wicked slander would not only feel the pain of these children but would also agree with Fatima (Mimi) that Allah is sufficient for them and all those who persecute them deliberately out of envy or sheer hate.

Saadah Sanusi, a mother of three, wrote this from Kaduna and could be reached at saadatumaina@ymail.com.


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