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Published On: Mon, Jan 4th, 2021

Ex-Minister, Agunloye proposes new struggle aimed at social justice, fairness

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By Lateef Ibrahim, Abuja

A former Minister of State for Defence and erstwhile University don, Chief Olu Agunloye has called a new struggle to structure and restructure the basis of Nigeria as a Nation with a view to assuring social justice, equity and fairness for the progress for all sectors, all ethnicities and all regions of Nigeria.
Agunloye pointed out that all social democrats and other progressives should be involved in this new struggle.
The former Minister of State for Defence in charge of Navy said this in his new year message yesterday.
Agunloye, who is currently a chieftain of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, explained that the goal of the proposed new syruggle is for an average person to be able to put food on the table and be able to eat the food.
This, he reasoned, is a simple way of expressing the goal of economy and security for all.
According to him, ‘all social democrats, progressives, and positive thinkers of all shades, wherever they are or from in Nigeria or in the diaspora, need to join hands together to bring about new politics based on justice, equity and fair play.
“The emergent politicians must encourage more Nigerians to become a new generation of politicians motivated by the development of a new restructured Nigeria, leveraging on empowered youths for the benefit of all Nigerians in respective of class, religion, tribe, or location.
“The goal is however, easy to define but hard to achieve. This is because achieving the goal requires the third leg, politics, of the development tripod of economy, security and politics.
“Therefore, the new struggle will require a new politics”, he said.
Continuing, the former University teacher said, “As we enter a new year, 2021, we should reflect on the various challenges facing our country and the nation’s struggles to rid itself of corruption and corrupt leaders, its struggles with unemployment of youths, its struggles with nosediving economy, its struggles with widespread violent unrests, its struggles against inadequate infrastructure, and its struggles against widespread insecurity.
“As individuals, we reflect on our various personal struggles to grapple with our challenges.
“We struggle to pay rent, struggle to get education, struggle to get employment, struggle to get health care.
“We struggle to put food on the table, struggle to avoid being kidnapped and struggle to stay alive”, he said.
He explained further that the new struggle will be about how we select or elect only credible, competent and compassionate people into positions of leadership.
The new struggle, he added, will have to revamp nationwide efforts to attack gross unemployment of youths, assure youths empowerment and their placement in positions of leadership across the country.

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