Ex lawmaker seeks creation of new states from Urhobo

From Osakhare Erese, Asaba

Former member of the defunct Bendel State House of Assembly for Ethiope South-East Constituency, Chief Michael Oghenekaro has canvassed for the creation of three new States from the present Urhobo nation in line with the colonial administrative arrangement of Western, Eastern and Central Urhobo Divisions.
He stated this yesterday during a Press Conference at Enerhen, Warri, Delta State.
Chief Oghenekaro, who is the convener and president of the Evren-Urhobo Peoples Congress, EPC, a social-political pressure group designed to galvanize Urhobo people into action and demand for their due in the present clamour for restructuring nationwide, contended that the Federal Government should put machineries in place for the creation of Ughelli, Ethiope and Ame States from the Urhobo nation to correct what he described as ‘’the present imbalance, gross marginalization and rape of our collective psyche through the structural configuration of the Nigeria state where the fifth largest ethnic nationality is locked up in one state with several minority ethnic groups’’.
The Esemugboja of Udu Kingdom, explained that while the Northern, Eastern and Western regions which enjoyed equal status with the Mid-West regions in 1963 have grown to several states, the Midwest regions have remained stagnated in two states, denying the Urhobo nation of the benefits of equal rights and opportunities with people from other parts of the country, maintaining that the only thing that could correct the structural imbalance was the creation of more states from the Urhobo nation.
‘’The murdered glory of the mid-west Region has caused more harm than good and it would take more drastic and radical initiatives and not the mere creation of Edo and Delta States for the federal government to undo the past. All we are saying at this juncture is restore us back to our former glory, elevate us to that same position of equal status with the former Northern, Eastern and Western Regions. Give us equal rights and states, equal opportunity, and equal love’’ he added.
Chief Oghenekaro also called for the outright ban on importation and use of power generating sets as panacea to the erratic power generation and supply in Nigeria. He argued that top government officials and those close to power who could afford the use of power generating sets at however prohibitive the cost were those driving Nigeria’s energy and power sectors, benefitting immensely from the rot in the system in the area of striking deals with manufacturers of generating sets.

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