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Published On: Wed, Aug 19th, 2020

Everyone is a contributor in Mudatex global services – Founder

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Alhaji Mudassir Abubakar Idris

The Mudatex Mudasir & brothers Global Services is one of the multinational and multipurpose company producing best quality fabrics materials, and hosts of other services within Nigeria and abroad and the company has a lot of contributors.
Alhaji Mudassir Abubakar Idris, founder of Mudatex Global services who spoke to our correspondent, Yusuf Mairiga Shekarau in Jos during an exclusive interview session, said “the success presently recorded by the company came as response to a cooperate dedication and commitment to the company’s burden of tasks. Excerpts:

Sir, can you briefly tell us about yourself?
Yes, my name is Alhaji Mudassir Idris Abubakar, the founder of Mudatex Mudassir and Brothers, Global Services. I was born and brought up in Goron Dutse, Dala Local Governement Area of Kano State Nigeria.

Sir how did you start the Mudatex Mudassir & Brothers?
Well, we didn’t startup as fabric manufacturers. I grew up as a trader and trade merchant in the famous Kantin Kwari Market here in Kano, offering purchases and sometimes, distributing commodities within and across.

What was the nature of the business as at then?
It was a petty sole trading business at the initial stage. It was overtime when the size of the business continue to expand that we deemed it feet to go by the existing realities. You know, one thing that’ll always encourage you in business is when your capital is worth enough to afford you the kind of commodities you may need to thrive and luckily, that was the kind of grace we had enjoyed in our business.

You have gradually diversified from the initial focus on fabrics to other forms of businesses like fashion, cooking stuffs, manufacturing amongst others. What motivated you to broaden the size of the business?
Like I told you, it was a retail sole proprietorship initially but later rose to the extent of a wholesale business. I believe having enough capital has been a prime motivator that would always encourage one to elevate the level of his business or reshape it. I can confirm vividly that it was when we realized that the capital we had is sufficient enough for the startup of manufacturing fabrics that we decided to venture in after rigorous consultations amongst key stakeholders

Sir, Mudatex Mudassir & Brothers Global Services is obviously one of the most successful textile producers as it is today in Nigeria. How has it gone with the business?
Yes, you know nothing used to be easy about business. Business use to be a task that always craved for attention. In doing it, one has to be very imaginative and calculative. You need to apply your physical and inner thoughts to run a successful business. You shall allot the largest share of your time and focus for your business to go smoothly.
Like you have just said, Mudatex Mudassir & Brothers Global Services started as a peripheral investment. It was a small scale business, as simple as that. But overtime, the size of the business has expanded especially as it is blessed with good managers that always try to identify its strength and weaknesses and harness further opportunities at every cost to stemming the rising threats. We give glory to God for the journey so far.

You must have faced a lot of challenges managing the business especially at the time you setup the establishment. Would you kindly share some of your experiences with us?
Of course, in business, like other aspects of human endeavors, there are challenges. At inception, you know, insufficient capital is always there. There were also challenges with respect to distribution and promotion of commodities, even as managing the business itself also use to be a great challenge.
And as your business would continue to grow, you’ll definitely need some helping hands. So it takes a lot of reasoning to entrust others to managing your resources that perhaps, you must have probably spent half of your life working for it. It means, at the time you have concluded to bring someone to the position of your hard-earned resources, you’re going into risk with the business. So you must take some risks in business even at the mid of challenges. But we thank God for the position we have found ourselves today. It means everyone has played a role in trying to contribute to the growth of the business.

Your focus at the initial stage was primarily on textile productions but gradually begin to diversify to other areas even as the company’s name was changed from the erstwhile Mudassir and Brothers to Mudatex Global Services and you have further to that, engaged into humanitarian works. What interest you to effect all these changes?
Well, in business, one has to study his immediate environment, identify the need of the people and determine his/her target. That was exactly what we did. We have identified the need of our people and consider the need to invest in some areas we felt necessary. We are now not only into fabrics, Mudatex Mudassir & Brothers is now a multinational and multipurpose company.
However, the decision to perfect the company’s name to Mudatex Global Services happens to be a collective one after a carefully consultations from relevant stakeholders. It’s in the interest of the company and the business. I believe it’s a nice name for the business that our clients would equally appreciate.
For humanitarian works, my belief is that is a duty bound on us to assist where necessary. It is good to assist the needy defying our faith, region, gender, ethnicity or whatsoever. Humanity matters a lot and we will continue to serve humanity until we take our last breathe.

What are your possible plans for the nearest future?
You know, the future is wider than the past. So we must have to prepare for it. We have a lot of plans and arrangements. We have our strategists, who have been doing a great job. We have as many plans beyond how you may think of but it has to be gradual. But the main thing is to serve Nigerians and humanity with the best of their need. Thank you.

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