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Published On: Thu, Oct 9th, 2014

Enough of the political debauchery in Adamawa State

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By Ahmed Abubakar

the order by a federal High Court sitting in Abuja sacking the acting governor of Adamawa State, Umaru Ahmadu Fintiri, installing ousted Murtala Nyako’s deputy, Bala Ngilari as substantive governor while also directing INEC not to conduct the scheduled October 11 re-run election, has but only succeeded in turning the state into a political battle field where politicians engage in endless scuffle to control power at the expense of the ordinary people who are left to bear the brunt.

Since the eventual sacking of former governor Murtala Nyako in July, events unfolding in Adamawa State tended to portray the state in a political turmoil with different administrations emerging, with each unfolding its distinct structure which invariably was being funded by resources accruing to the state.

It is indeed a major source of concern for many how preceding administrations in the state, starting from that of Nyako, to that of the acting governor and now the government of Ngilari, have frittered public funds and will still do so in sustaining emerging political structures, with monies meant to develop the state thrown down the drain of intense political rivalry and debauchery.

What politicians in the state have succeeded in creating is but a situation where Adamawa has been turned, albeit needlessly into a theatre of political war, where desperate politicians in a bid to satisfy selfish goals, sacrifice the common good of the people.

The bitter rivalry existing between otherwise political allies who now found themselves in a fierce battle of wits for the control of power in the state, may after all impact negatively on the development of the state.

Now that Fintiri has gone back to his former position as Speaker of the State Assembly, how are we sure that he will not seek to frustrate Ngilari who replaced him as governor? Not only that, conscious of how desperate Fintiri is seeking to be governor of Adamawa State, considering the length he went to secure the ticket of the party in the botched October re-run, with allegations that he spent billions of naira to get his way, will Governor Ngilari allow such a person any chance to get his acts together again?

In all this, it is the ordinary people that are left to bear the brunt, more so considering that the state has been under siege by the Boko Haram insurgents, with about three local governments said to be under the control of the insurgents.

THE Adamawa Governorship tussle may not have been far from over despite the swearing-in of Bala Ngiilari as the substantive governor of the state.

The new governor though may have succeeded in winning his battle over his purported resignation should not go to bed with the fact that all may be well as by October 16th the verdict on the case instituted by the ousted governor, Murtala Nyako may further stir the hornet’s nest.

Murtala Nyako has filed a suit against his impeachment and if from the recent happenings in the state the present governor may also be faced with the nightmare of the fact that the case may be ruled in Nyako’s favour.

Although findings revealed that a Federal High Court in Lagos has declined to hear a suit filed

by a Lagos-based lawyer, Olukoya Ogungbeje, seeking the reinstatement of impeached governor of Adamawa State, Murtala Nyako.

As at present the political atmosphere in Adamawa is not only tensed but people of the state are already saying the present political imbroglio is what they term as their “goron sallah” meaning, sallah present forthe people and are advocating for more to happen which may also mean that they would welcome Nyako to be back as the governor.

Already the political calculations of the PDP has been tampered with the sudden turn of event were things are happening so fast and the situation may further deteriorate for the PDP against the 2015 general elections.

Umaru Fintiri has no doubt stepped on toes of some politicians in the state however, his exit may just be a prelude to more drama that would sooner or later would begin to unfold but the salient issue is that the party is by every day plunging into more confusion than it has been already.

Already, the PDP governorship aspirants warming-up for the party’s ticket include notable figures that include the governor, Bala Ngiilari, the just removed acting governor, Umaru Fintiri, former EFCC boss Alhaji Nuhu Ribadu, Buba Marwa, former PDP’s son Auwalu Tukur.

Also in the race for the exalted seat in the state include Marcus Gundiri, Idi Hong, Umar Ardo and most likely the son of former governor, Murtala Nyako may also join the bandwagon.

The string of names jostling for the Governorship position may be a tough nut to crack by the hierarchy of the PDP given the weight behind most of the aspirants.

The quagmire that may likely to happen is that of the choice of who will picked in the long run as the party’s flag bearer.

In the situation of the unfolding of political events the state treasury is being exposed to inevitable squalor by the change of baton that occurred in a spate of months.

There is no doubt that the state would further suffer from the incessant change of array of political appointees that have been named by virtually all the governors and only to be sacked by the succession of the subsequent ones.

It is obvious that the present governor may most likely not continue with the execution of the programmes conceived by his predecessor which means setting a fresh stage for himself including fresh awards of contracts for projects that may likely not be completed before May 2015.

The drama may continue to also take its toll on both the economy of the state alongside the already tensed and frail nerves of some politicians who may be bent on ensuring that their candidates scaled through the unavoidable primary elections within the PDP.

Before the Ngilari administration finally settles elections would be around the corner and may not have enough up its sleeve to show as it’s landmark for re-election in the 2015 polls.

There is the issue of the likely loss of affection between Ngilari now the state Governor and Fintiri now the Speaker who may likely use their available might to try to undermine one another in the course of governing the state.

It would remain to be seen if the governor of the state would extend his hand of fellowship to the speaker whom have strongly participated in the frustration bid to scuttle his emergence as governor.

The fund of the state would massively be used as expected n the event of the fight of supremacy of the political bigwigs in the state against the concentration on the development of the people.

It is obvious, since there is no love lost between the duo of Fintiri and Ngiilari that the Speaker may use his leadership strength in the House to attempt at frustrating the Governor whom would be expected to use a sledge hammer to also attempt to crush the perceived enemy.

First, it was Murtala Nyako that was accused of alleged plunging of the state treasury through unprecedented squalor and later the Fintiri led administration was accused of plundering the state fund in the purchase of vehicles for political appointees.

In the heat of all this, the state which has been undere is further being subjected to a callous and reckless economic landslide.


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