Emulate Tinubu’s statemanship, Monarch urges Nigerians

From Femi Oyelola, kaduna

The Chairman of the Yoruba Traditional Council of Obas and Chiefs in the 19 Northern states and Abuja Ambassador Mohammed Arigbabuwo has called on Nigerians to emulate the statemanship virtues of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who continue to see the country as one entity rather than the so called intellectual rebels who parade themselves as the defenders of Yoruba nation.
He stated this in a statement made available to the media in kaduna yesterday.
The Royal father said no tribe must be stigmatized as criminals becouse crime is not limited to a particular tribe.
He therefore urged Nigerians to stop the bashing of Fulani as criminals and kidnappers because it is an attempt by those who want to create crisis in the country to give the tribe a bad name.
“The current security situations in the country require the coming together of those who love the nation and not of passing bucks and ethnicise the unfortunate development.
“It is sad that many leaders of our great nation have turned the situation into politics where they made statements capable of tearing the country apart.
“How on earth will people who have been living together for hundreds of years turn to themselves as see crimes from an ethnic point of view?
“The recent happenings should be view at holistically and all stakeholders in the nation’s project must come together to find a lasting solution to the menace.
“Recent happenings on the killing of a daughter of a notable politician by a yet to be identified criminals has been given political and ethnic coloration by those who do not wish the country anything good.” He said.
“How is it possible for a man who probably is going with one-hundred head of cows and wandering in the forest to be involved into killings, kidnapping and other crimes?
“This is not to say that the Fulani don’t habour criminals like any other tribe in the country, the government should trace the source of the rampaging Fulani’s and where they are coming from to enter the country unchecked.
“To political leaders in the South-West, they should be aware that many people have been killed across the country and nobody has pointed accusing fingers to any specific tribe as done by some commentators on the killing of Fasoranti daughter Olufunke.
“As a father, I sympathize with the Chief and his family over the unfortunate incident, but should not allow political jobbers to hijack the situation for their selfish” He said

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