Emulate Buhari, Saraki unworthy as President -APC chieftain tells youths

From: Ayodele Samuel, Lagos

A chieftain of the All Progressive Congress in Taraba State, Sam Skebrah Bulus Timothy, has described the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, as unworthy of leading of a nation like Nigeria saying younger generation should rather emulate President Muhammadu Buhari.
Timothy who is a staunch promoter of President Buhari in Taraba state said Saraki has failed the nation and contributed to its woes, urging younger people not to emulate the likes of Saraki in governance.
He said the personality and integrity of Buhari is worthy of emulation by younger generation who has passion for leadership with the hope to rule Nigeria in the nearest future .
“I am yet to meet any person in this country or abroad who has doubted the quality of Buhari’s personality or integrity. Even world leaders have said it to the hearing of the world that Buhari is a leader they respect.
“But that of Bukola Saraki who by inheritance and training should be more of a nationalist and do things for the benefit of Nigerians, but failed in leading the National Assembly on the path of progress.”
Saraki’s was completely out of touch with the reality of supporting the President to build a better country for all, all he was doing is to frustrate the system and become President, in that process he lost the ideology of APC. He completely held the country hostage by passing late budget, budget padding, stalling every moves to make Nigeria great, because of his selfish interest to rule Nigeria.”
He noted that despite all the pressure by Saraki’s led Senate, President has excel in leadership and governance.
“I am proud to say that Nigeria has gotten a leader which will in history remember as a great Africa leader. He has been working selflessly toward betterment of the live of the ordinary citizens. “
Timothy who’s also a Peace Ambassador and Leadership consultant said Saraki should be on his kneels, begging the people of Kwara he impoverished as a governor.
He noted that its an insult for someone like Saraki who lacks leadership qualities to be seeking to lead a Nation like Nigeria.pp

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