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Published On: Tue, May 20th, 2014

Embracing the war on terror

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By Musa Abdullahi

For anyone who is in power, whether as President or even Governor, embracing the war on terror is not only the sanest thing to do, but may be necessary as a survival strategy. President Goodluck Jonathan is going to be president again on May 29, 2015. I am not an oracle, but when Iread that the Paris meeting which he attended has asked him to lead the war on terror, I came to the conclusion that his tenure has been extended.

Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso of Kano state has chosen the wrong path to becoming Nigeria’s President, that of human and infrastructural development. It is not the one designed for the Third World. Which is the path chosen for Third World, and who made the choice? The path of strife and destruction is the one chosen for the Third World.

Those who made the choice are the ones who colonized the Third World earlier. Currently,

China is facing anti-Chinese protests in Vietnam, leading to death of its citizens, and the exodus of hundreds. China in its rise was/is aiming at controlling the market in its region; now with this new, manufactured enmity, trust will be lost. The Chinese explained that terror attacks on their territories are financed by foreign powers, who detest China’s rise.

When you see the wife of President Obama holding the ‘release our girls’ placard, do you believe it is out of pity? No! She was acting out her role in the war on terror script. I do not believe that even President Jonathan understands the war on terror script like the leader of CAN, Ayo. He has an unlimited supply of inflammatory remarks that he hopes will bring about the needed war between Christians and Muslims. What will be the consequence? Of course the consequence is positive: a totally Christian Nigeria; as if one needs to remind him that Congo is in tatters, though a Christian state.

Recently someone deemed it necessary to send a warning to Fashola, Governor of Lagos: that Boko Haram will soon attack Lagos. So if a bomb explodes in this or that market, killing hundreds, will that not lead to something? But why? Why should some nations be exporting terror to others? What benefit do they derive from killing and burning towns and farms of villagers in Borno or Yobe?

I do not know the answers, and the authors won’t tell us. But lest we forget, the NSA, IGP, and Minister of Defense, are all Northerners and Muslims. Ordinary Muslims, ordinary Christians, are itching to get at each other’s throat, while the enemy looks on gleefully. Jonathan will be on saddle for a long time fighting a perpetual war on terror, which will not stop till Nigerians are totally incapacitated. Is he naive? I doubt it. He simply loves the glamour of being President, and must serve the masters who put him there in the first place.

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