El-Rufai says diversity of faith should unite people

From: Femi Oyelola, Kaduna

Kaduna State Governor Mallam Nasir El Rufai has said diversity of faith should not be a reason for division and violent conflict.
He made the assertion during the inauguration of the House of Kaduna Family, a platform held in kaduna yesterday.
According to him, the Family is , a platform designed for leaders of faith to dialogue, interact and assume collective responsibility for messages that assist people of faith to live up to the highest ideals.
The Governor added that the decision to gather leaders of faith in a joint endeavour for peace and harmony in the state reflects the belief that religion does not have to divide.
He argued that “the diversity of faith can be a vehicle for unity when adherents respect the right of every human being to life, liberty and livelihood, as creatures of God.’’
The governor asked for the support of the leaders in ensuring that the conduct of people more closely mirrors the message of peace and compassion in the major religions.
El Rufai pointed out that religious fervour is a common trait among Nigerians, but “the legacy of communal and ethno religious conflict in our state betrays the absence not only of respect for the rule of law but also any adherence to the common values of our two dominant religions –which are peace, compassion and fairness to others.”

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