Educating the girl child for a better life

Reading-CultureBy Elizabeth Bolanle Bamidele

The mood is always high at the joining of two individual at marriage, this mood goes higher at the blessing of child birth, this occasion brings together friends and families to herald the child into the world, moods remain high and weather the child is a male or female remain insignificant to most person.

The girl child discrimination begins at school age, many African parent have not discovered the need to empower the girl child especially with education. Education is a necessity and a tool for reaching specific target or personal mark in life. Furthermore the importance of education in society is indispensable and cohering which is why society and knowledge cannot be ever separated into distinct entities, therefore the worry why the girl child is been denied this opportunity of being a part of the society.

In this part of the world, it is generally believed that women are always dependent on the male folks, and therefore remain at their mercy. One thing education does is to empower the girl child, a good education helps empower her, thus making her strong enough to look after herself in any given situation. It keeps the girl child aware of her given surroundings as well as the rule and regulations of the society she lives in. It is only through knowledge she can be able to question authority for it negligence or discrepancies. It is only then she can avail her right as citizen and seek improvement in structural functioning of governance and economy. The girl child can only struggle for her rights when she becomes conscious of policies of government. As a whole people can bring about development only when they know where improvement are needed for the greater good of mankind. Education helps the girl child understand herself better, it helps her realize her potential and qualities as a human being. It helps her tap into talent so that she can sharpen her skills.

Education gives the necessary training and qualification for employment. A good job is one that brings satisfaction and good remuneration through which an individual can meet personal expense, but beyond meeting personal expense, can save for unforeseen contingencies. One feel empowered because there is a new sense of worth that develops within, and you feel the need to be independent and free from any further financial support. You take pride in the fact that you are earning for yourself, and not obligated to anyone. Therefore education remains the only way out of the perpetual servitude that our culture have placed the female gender under.

There is a need to also encourage the girl child beyond the peripheral educational level, this is because there is increasing competitions which have no regards for persons or gender, therefore the determining factor remains the level of training and qualification received. At the point of employment, employers are not interested in gender, but the most qualified candidate, therefore for the girl child to get the job of her dreams and have a good life, she must first get a good education. Furthermore, there is a need to climb up the ladder on the job, hence more education is needed to succeed and compete favourably within the organization. It is very unfortunate that the girl child can be deprived the opportunity to sowed in life; her potentials are maimed by lack of education.

Many young ladies are made to suffer so much in the hands of spouses and in-laws just because they were denied the opportunity of getting education, this serves as a wakeup call to parents and guidance to empower the girl child.

Elizabeth Bolanle Bamidele is a 400 level student of Mass Communication Department, Bayero University, Kano.


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