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Published On: Mon, Aug 27th, 2018

Ebgura group to Al-makura: Why we’re opposed to chiefdom creation

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By Musa Adamu, Abuja

An Egbura ethnic national group, Egbura Cultural Development Association (ECDA) has given reasons why it is opposed to a creation of chiefdom out of the present Opanda and Toto Chiefdoms in Toto LGA for Bassa ethnic group.
In a press release issued in Abuja and jointly signed by its Vice Chairman of ECDA, Suleiman Zubairu, and the PRO of ECDA, Musa Ohikwo Usman, said the very idea of a “created” chiefdom was alien to the institution as chiefdom was never created but founded in line with established tradition and history of a people.
It urged the governor to refuse being stampeded into issuing executive fiat in a matter such as this and instead “properly examined all the variables required for founding a chiefdom in the traditional and conventional sense of the institution.”
The group further urged Gov Al-Makura “not to soil his immense contributions to the peace and development of Nasarawa state by acceding to this strange demand from people who believe might is always right.”
According to the group: “We call on him to see through the evil machinations of those who avoided him in 2011 and 2015 respectively when seeking for their votes but are now back only to hoodwink him into smirching his sterling performance as governor at the taillight of his administration.
“We want to repeat here for the umpteenth time that we are always available for talks and to avail him with all that he needs to know about our land and about our disagreement with our guests who are now bent on repaying our benevolence with annihilation.
“We appeal to him to be circumspect on this matter and avoid any act that would make history remember him harshly.
“To discourage the leadership of Bassas from seeking to archive their aims through carnage and campaign of terror in future, the government must prosecute the arrested militia, mercenaries and their sponsors connected thereto.”
Expressing its dissatisfaction with the levity with which the state government has handled the “criminal attacks on Egbura communities in Toto LGA by Bassa militia since April this year,” the group warned the state against taking steps capable of being seen as rewarding criminality.
“Your Excellency, we fear that you if go ahead to grant the wishes of Bassa you would not only have wittingly sown a different seed of discord, but would have demonstrated that crime pays and that whoever desires anything may take up arms against their helpless neighbour to get it. You would also have cut the nose of Egburas to spite their faces for being so decorum and law abiding in the face of brazen provocation.
“Your Excellency, we took this pain to alert you on the capacity of Bassas for mischief so as to save you from playing a role that would plunge your state into avoidable crisis.”

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