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Published On: Thu, Feb 15th, 2018

DTMS will revolutionalise transfer in Nigeria league

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The embattle President of Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Mr. Amaju Melvin Pinnick

The embattle President of Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Mr. Amaju Melvin Pinnick

Importance of DTMS

We appreciate the fact that the NFF today is in autopilot. We have a football system that is going digital and we have no option than to key in and see that our records are straight. NFF today is an institution of records and we cannot today toil with the records of our players including their passports and career history.People before now have a whole lot of records that you cannot hold together. But today with the DTMS, every player in the Nigeria National League, NNL, henceforth, will have a record that will be keyed into the data base and this data base will not be limited to the NFF, of course, it will get to the FIFA Connect. By so doing, nobody will be haggling over the ownership of a player; nobody will be haggling over the career history of a player in terms of training compensation ad solidarity contributions.
The readiness of NNL to ensure the application and implementation of DMTS rules.
The truth remains that the programme actually is the programme of the NFF and it is already applicable in theNPF. The only thing we need to do is to gather the data and punch in the button and syncronise it.
How ready is NNL for the new season?
If you look at the hymn book, it is written, very clear;new every morning is the love of God. New every morning is the direction of NNL the NNL is tapping from the new policy direction of the NFF which is all about compliance with all the tenets and rules guiding leagues all over the world. This is a World Cup year so we put it into consideration and that is why we came up with abridged league with 9 clubs in each conference making a total of 36 teams in the league. It is no longer business as usual. The Super 4 we play at the end of the season that used to be a ceremony is no longer a ceremony. We are going to have Super 8 this year which is a new innovation. What we are doing is that two teams will qualify from each group and then play against each other to determine the best four that will gain promotion to the NPFL. This will make the NNL strong because if you look at the NPFL table today, it will tell you the nature of the clubs that gained promotion last year. That is what we want to avoid subsequently.
NNL and welfare of players.
Rules are there to take care of players which are of international best practice. The issue of players has to do with player status committee of the NFF and they take due process in reporting matters such as we saw in Shooting Stars which was not allowed to use new players to prosecuting their match because they are owing old players. I want to tell you that in NNL we are doing everything possible to ensure that welfare of players are paramount. For us in the NNL, the players are the engine oil with which the process is driven. An engine cannot run without oil, so the players are the oil and we are going to ensure that their welfare is protected. We don’t also want a situation where the clubs will overprice players such that they cannot pay. We wanta situation where what you agree to pay, you must pay. But we will give you a basic salary that you will not go below.
The process of payment of fines is in the confines of the NFF. And once such payments are made, we will take it up from there.
On the issue of officiating, the chairman said that officiating is the sole responsibility of the NFF and that they have trained the NPFL referees. In a very short while, that of the NNL will start. My greatest joy is that a lot of players are moving from the NNL to the NPFL. That gives me joy. Unfortunately, a lot of the clubs do not know that they are money spinning and we are going to explore it.
Abdul Sule, Kogi United Chairman, Chairman of chairmen and president, club owners association of Nigeria.
DTMS is a very good initiative, for our league and it will make things easier for the league in transfer of players. It is a very good initiative.
Why did it take Nigeria so long to key into this system?
I don’t think anything is too late but we are here now to do it in proper way. We have problems with our transfer system and DTMS has come to take care of such problems. With DTMS, there will be direct contact instead of paying money today and tomorrow stories will emanate from nowhere. DTMS has come to solve these problems.
When are you bringing Kogi United to the Premiership?
This year, by God’s grace; 2018/2019 season.Actually we have bee having our own lapses but we have got the right players now and the technical crew is working hard to achieve the target. The governor is doing more in financial support and I believe that he is going to do more this year. Money plays a lot roles and with it, I believe we will get there.
Are you comfortable with the abridged version of the NNL this season?
That was the decision they took and we have to comfortable with it. Everybody has to be ready to play the league
Will DTMS bring to an end to club-club ownership struggle over a player?
When you go through the DTMS you will see a lot of things happening.
CHAN eagles a true reflection of the NPFL?
It is not a better representation of Nigeria league but I also believe that the boys tried their best to get to the final. They were wobbling when they started but they got stronger along the line. We should give them kudos. Losing 4-0 to Morocco was a disaster but we should give them kudos because they are just coming up and we need to give them more exposure.
I will not say that our league is not of standard but I think that a lot thngs have to happen in the league. There have to be a lot of competitions and getting all the local players to play in the senior national team which will give them confidence because some of the players think that whatever they play, nobody will look at them. So we need to look into all these.
When you look at the league in the 1970s and 1980s, you will see that there is money in the league now but then in the time of Stationaries Stores, football was everything, we played with the heart.
We can suppers our former records in the World Cup. We will get through our group, play in the quarter finals and then see what happens next.
Ayo Abdulrahaman, Chief operating officer, NWFL
The 2018 edition of the Amateur Zonal competition is all about the grassroots development aspect of the NWFL whereby unknown players from different teams come together to jostles for the few slots in the Pro-League for 2017/18 season.
There is usually no certain number as the clubs come with interests. They can be 20 or 30 but this year we have only four. Maybe it could be due to economy which has been a factor in all our activities. We have very limited number of clubs but we are happy that we have some clubs who declared interest to participate.Since I came into women league, we have not experienced transfer issues. The first assignment I addressed when I resumed work was the issue of player transfer and you can talk to the clubs to verify. The era of players moving from one club to the other indiscriminately and at their own volition has stopped. This is my second season in the women league and most of the efforts we are putting in even with the coming of the new board is to reposition the league and the efforts are yielding fruits because players now know that they have a contract with their teams and the teams know that they have agreement and contracts with their players unlike before.
Any plan to retrain the coaches in the amateur league?
In the coming weeks, the board will address the nation on that.
When is the NWFL starting?
Rivers Angels won the Aiteo cup. Nasarawa Amazons are Women League winners
The NWFL league will likely start in March and that is why we are having our congress on March 3rd. after that, we play our 2018 Champion Shield where the winner of the league and the Aiteo Cup winner will slug it out to determine the champion of 2016/2017 league season.The Champion Shield will take place on 4th March in Lagos.
I impressed with the play and the result particularly the fact that we scored three and did not concede. Winning every match is always good for your self-confidence. The victory is for the team. I came here to observe, to know the players and they have done a great job.
In Ivory Coast, I will see myself like a technical director I will be with the team, stay with them; I will join them in the training sessions and be with them in the field of play. Since my arrival I had been closer to the players and every day we are learning and it gives me the chance to play more active roles.
We will take 21 players to Ivory Coast along with the backroom staff and the medical team.
My first impression with the players is that they are very physical, very fit and that is good. They also have good technical skills, good dribbling and good playing vision. I also saw that they are very aggressive and like the challenge. It was to the level I expected.
My mission here is to close the gaps with the best teams worldwide. Of course, we have to start with WAFU which is our next tournament to play with this young team. We have to realise that we are not playing the tournament with our best eleven. So we don’t have too high expectations but when it comes to football, everything can happen and that is why I have to do my best so we can reach WAFU final.
To develop the Nigerian league, it is important for me to have a good relationship with all the coaching crew of the clubs in the league so that when the time comes, we will be able to relate very well, they will know me and I will know them.
Hon Ayo Omideran, the chairperson of Nigeria women football committee.
I came here to see how the team will play since they just got into camp and we have many of them and I know that the process of weeding out some of them is ongoing. I am quite impressed, as everybody knows, we have very good players and I am expecting that as time goes on, we will have three good teams that we can call upon any time to play for the national team.
The team is not about WAFU, for me it is about raising a brand new team for Nigeria that we can all be proud of and can call upon any time. A team that will continuously play together, players that we will arrange friendlies for from time to time and I think we are on our way.

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