Dr Jamil Isyaku Gwamna: Our chosen emancipator in Gombe state

By Abdulkarim Muhammad

From the beginning of human civilisation and administrative consciousness in Africa, the task of choosing leaders has been reserved for the gods or divine consultations in view of the need to have the right head for the cap of leadership which guarantees the galvanisation of public resources for the common good and use of the collective beings within a geographical entity. Caps which are seen as a symbol of authority of any sort according to the demand of such society may be sizeable to the heads of many but only fits one head per time. The tragedy of having the mantle of authority in the hands of those who may not represent the interests of the citizens is better imagined than experienced. Today the criteria for choosing leaders who would worth the choice of the people when they get into power have been reduced to a meticulous assessment of the fruits (antecedents) of such a person. By the antecedents of all the political athletes getting set for the Gombe state race of governance in 2019, Dr Jamilu Isyaku Gwamna (JIG) has been chosen as our vanguard governor for the state amongst other aspirants in view of his transactional and transformational leadership traits as well as his amazing zero tolerance for corruption.
Bass sees transactional leadership as an example of the relationship between leaders and the followers. It is based on the realisation that leadership doesn’t necessarily reside in the person or situation but resides in the social interaction between the leader and the follower. JIG is a quintessential leader of Bass’ definition of transactional leadership. Through his selfless and unconditional generosity in social interaction, JIG has established himself over time as the peoples’ bridge to good education, health and economic wellbeing in the state. His level of interaction is second to none, having built a heart soothing relationship with the low and mighty in Gombe while maintaining highly uncompromising regards for traditional and religious institutions in the state. His cordiality with the good people of Gombe has rebranded the SARDAUNAN GOMBE as the totem of peaceful coexistence. As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others (Bill Gates). Anytime I critique JIG, I see him in more ways than one in every context of Gates’ statement. With this, we can’t afford to trade JIG for any other aspirants whose societal ranks are yet to match that of the Sardaunan Gombe.
As a transformational leader, JIG has inspired, energized and intellectually stimulated the youths of Gombe through his scholarshipswhich is freely given to deserving candidates regardless of their background. He has been adjudged a leader who always idealizes the fact that every individual needs to be empowered and motivated (financially and otherwise) to raise a generation of ‘givers’ and not ‘takers’ from the society. By this, JIG has qualified amongst others. If given the mantle, he would leverage on this trait to build a human bank of buoyant, financially stable and economically viable citizens who would breathtakingly impact positively within their respective communities.
As the race for the gubernatorial seat take a centre stage in Gombe and the race is getting tougher by the day, and political businessmen draw out their moneybags to woo supports and endorsement from political choice makers, the good people of Gombe must be admonished against the fact that the business of governing a state with a prospects of becoming a Nigerian Dubai like Gombe should not be used as a testing ground for those who have not proven their worth for societal reckoning. JIG is a front-liner and a force to reckon with when we talk of religious and societal acceptance and ownership.
Amongst other aspirants, Sardaunan Gombe has a turning point personality described as a unique and special gift from God to the good people of the state to chart a new course of governance that would build on past political achievements as a foundation for a future the Sardaunahad said would be modelled after Lagos State. JIG is known for his sobriety and wisdom, balanced and sensible thinking pattern that is required to run governance in a digitally evolving state like Gombe.
Another factor that stands the Sardaunan Gombe out is the fact that he has a zero tolerance for corruption. Having served in different capacities as an accountant in the banking sector and other establishments and recording ground breaking financial successes, with a proven integrity and expertise which had been tested and proved worldwide. Having given his services with the needed integrity that is required of an accountant, JIG has a clean bill of health when it comes to financial transactions within and outside the state. This makes JIG a perfect brand to lead the state to financial stardom looking at the damage that corruption can do to the growth and development of any state. As we look for a suitable hand to hold the mantle of leadership in Gombe State from 2019, we must never treat with levity the fact that corruption is a threat to democracy and good governance anywhere in the world and Gombe state cannot be an exception. So I call on everyone to see JIG’s hatred for corruption as a basis for our choice of making him the threshold governor of Gombe state where corruption stands defeated while democracy and good governance continue to blossom without restrictions. JIG is just a phenomenon that deserved the opportunity to serve in the capacity of governing the state for everyone to feel the impact of this young, dynamic and creative personality. By all standards of leadership demands, Dr JIG outshine his contemporaries and this has been proven by the good people of Gombe in every nook and cranny of the state.
Recent research and events revealed that the political competition in the state is becoming very hot with many people joining the race daily. Politics is seen as a game of competition where one wins and the other loses. In other words, competition is good for politics. However, good governance is not a function of politics but that of having the transactional, transformational and incorruptible personality to serve the state. Since the likes of Sardaunan Gombe is rich in these skills, we beseech all to as a matter of unanimity allow JIG to take over Gombe state as Governor Come 2019. JIG is our choice, our vanguard of trust, our reason for never giving up our believe in the future of Gombe which would be anchored on human rights, rule of law, justice, respect for religious institutions, peaceful coexistence, partnership with journalists and friends of the media to sell the good image of the state and the best of it all, the fear of Allah.
Abdulkarim Muhammad Sulaiman writes from Gombe and currently is the President of GOSSA BUK Chapter and can be reached via Abdulkarimmuhammad470@gmail.com

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