Don’t relent in ridding Nigeria of criminals, students urge IGP

By Albert Akota

Nigeria Students, yesterday, called on the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Ibrahim Idris not to be deterred in his efforts to rid the country of criminal elements.
The students under the aegis of the Coalition of Concerned Nigerian Students said the call became imperative owing to moves by some political figures to discredit the IGP for their selfish interest without a recourse to his achievements in reducing crime rate in the country.
Arising from their Congress in Abuja, the group said the “indivisibility of Nigeria is non-negotiable, as the strength of a diversified nation fat outweigh the seductive messages of hate speech propagators.”
Presenting their resolutions, in Abuja, the President of the Coalition, Com. Omoba Michael said it was so unfortunate that some have resulted to blackmail the IGP office over some issues without looking into merit and demerit of the matter.
He said the appointment of the IGP Idris by President Muhammadu Buhari was to advance the cardinal points of this administration which hings on security, anticorruption and economic diversification.
Rolling out the successes recorded by the Nigeria Police Force under his able Leadership, the group said that “current attempts to soil the name and reputation of the IGP, are rather worrisome in nature and dimension.
“We condemn these clandestine schemes that are targeted ultimately at the person of our selfless and we’ll loved president, Muhammadu Buhari, over the upcoming elections by the usual political actors that feel for the first time in the history of this country that their status and unhindered access to our collective patrimony is being threatened by a sincere government.
“The laws permit anybody to aspire to the office of President or any other political office for that matter, however we will resist any attempt to pull down the edifice called Nigeria due to Nigerinas rejecting their offers.
“We urge IGP Idris to carry on in his stated mission of relegating criminality in Nigeria to the status of unattractiveness by bringing criminals to justice and enlisting the cooperation of Nigerians.
“We urge Mr. President to continue to support and empower the police to protect lives and property in Nigeria, so that the work of development can continue in a rancour-free environment.
“We call on those behind these unpatriotic schemes to set our country back to turn a new leaf and contribute actively towards building a Nigeria worthy of bequeathing to future generations, or face the full weight of the law and wrath of Nigerians.”

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