Published On: Mon, Jun 24th, 2019

Don’t ban Almajiri system without alternative – Dahiru Bauchi Foundation urges FG

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From Ahmad Mohammed, Bauchi

The chairman Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi Foundation, Alhaji Ibrahim Sheikh Dahiru has urged the Federal Government to find genuine alternative before going ahead with its plan to ban Almajiri system of education in the country over insecurity.
Alhaji Ibrahim made the appeal yesterday at a press conference in Bauchi while reacting to the statement credited to the National Security Adviser Babangida Mungono published in national dailies, which said “the FGN is considering proscribing the Almajiri system to address the rising insecurity in the country”.
He said “the Almajiri system of education has been in the country for more than 1,000 years and they have never ever become threat to security, they are the pupils learning recitation and memorizing the Holy Qur’an, they are not criminals, they are the ones praying for peace and stability in the country.”
Ibrahim explained that “ all the criminals arrested by security agencies no Almajiri was among them ,no Almajiri among armed robbers , kidnappers, or insurgents or any other group of criminals. How can they become threat to insecurity, we have been seeing Police interviewing suspects they have arrested and when they ask them if they qur’anic student or did they study in Islamic schools, they answered in the affirmative capital No.How can they be accused with threat to security using the name of Almajiri? I think it’s time government and security agencies should separate Almajiri system with criminals or any insecurity. They are not criminals but Qur’anic reciters and memorizers”
He further said that, ” I remember in the early 70’sv Sheikh sent us to Maiduguri to for Qur’anic memorization after we finished we came back home presently Sheikh established over 200 schools in different
parts of the country where students are memorizing the holy the Holy
Qur’an without begging and such schools graduate students many have
first degrees many have masters some are Ph.D holders including many
professors all of them are products of Almajiri schools.”

He said, “if Federal Government will be sincere and fair to Almajiri
and allow real Tsangaya owners to facilitate the integration of
Tsangaya and Islamic education in to the modern educational system of
Nigeria, it will go a long way in the eradication of proliferation of
Almajiri system of street begging.”

The scholar who stressed the importance of memorizing the holy Qur’an
urged Muslims and all stake holders to join hands together in order to
promote qur’anic and Islamic education for the wellbeing of the
society and development of the country.

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