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Published On: Sun, Dec 14th, 2014

Does male menopause really exist?

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Male menopauseBy Doyin Ojosipe

Well, many men will gasp at this question, simply because it sounds scary and unimaginable; however experts have repeatedly noted the term as, just another conducive name given it by reporters for the term ‘Andropause’; that is decline in androgen, which is also experienced by men who have diabetes.

According to a report by a mayo clinic staff, “The term “male menopause” is sometimes used to describe decreasing testosterone levels or a reduction in the bioavailability of testosterone related to aging.

This however is mostly recorded among older men, and may not have an overly troubling effect as the female menopause where everything about productivity comes to either a prolong pause or complete seizure.

Mayo clinic staff noted that gradual decline of testosterone is only about 1 percent in a year and on the average, after the age of 30.

Meanwhile, the law of nature is binding on every one, both female and male as each advance in age; men are reported to notice a change in sexual activities such as less sexual urge, erectile dysfunction, reduced continuous erection, even during sleep, while the testes may also grow smaller.

They may also notice a reduced or increased urge for sleep; they may  begin to accumulate much body fats, develop swollen or tender breasts, less strength, shrinking muscle, loss of body hair(in some cases).

Certain changes might also lead to emotional imbalance, where there may feelings of sadness, loss of self confidence, depression, and memory problem.

These changes have been affiliated to the drop in testosterone level, and a proof of an underlying sickness, which is needed to be taken seriously.

Men have been advised to quickly seek medical help, should they notice such changes, and have also been warned not to go for a testosterone replacement as it may add negative health consequences cum at worst increase the risk of heart attack.

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