Delegates want more time for committees’ deliberations

Delegates to the National Conference recently called on the conference secretariat to increase time allotted to the various committees considering their work plan.

It will be recalled that Secretariat of the conference gave two weeks to the various committees constituted to handle specific items of the conference.

They made call at plenary, saying that there were enormous issues to be discussed.

A’ishatu Madawaki , a delegate representing Sokoto State, said she had “a strong feeling’’ that the time allotted for committee work would not be enough and therefore called for more time.

Another delegate from Sokoto, Alhaji Mohammed Dingyadi, said that in addition to the limited time given for the committee work, only four days were allotted for the conference to deliberate on their reports.

Dingyadi said that the conference needed a minimum of one week to deliberate on committees’ reports “because we will need a day to deliberate on two or three committees’ report’’.

However, Prof A. B. C.Nwosu, representing Anambra, however, said that the committees should work within the time frame allotted to them in the work plan so as not to extend the period of the conference.

Nwosu suggested that any delegate, who wants to make inputs to any of the committee, should articulate his points in writing to save time.

“If we do this, you will find out that we will cut down on a lot of talking and then you will get all the point you need for the final plenary.

“We cannot extend the time, if we extend the time the public is not going to see us as looking for time to work. (NAN)

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