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Published On: Tue, Nov 18th, 2014

Deep rants of insatiable sepia (II)

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By Felix Ogunsuyi Vescovi

The essence of that little barefooted boy from Otuoke village has been broken by imprudent self-centeredness, meaningless ethnocentric division which continue to leave many wounds unkissed. The dice is now cast. The President has made permanent in the minds of majority of Nigerians, the image of a man incapable of being a Ward Councillor. “The Presidency is more than an honour. It is more than an office. It is a charge to keep”- a concluding part of 1st term inaugural speech of the American War-President-George W. Bush. Four years into Jonathan’s presidency, the results are clear. The President’s incompetence, his inability to lead, prevarications, petulance and his timidity to tackle the terror Boko Haram inset in our mist every day have createan image of abject failure in the minds of a critical mass of Nigerian people at home and abroad. He will never be able to overcome the portrait that has been etched in too many minds especially in his handling of the Bring Back Our Girls Chibok-cry.

There comes a time and a point in history which indelibly define a President. Oftentimes the event may not be of major important in the greater scheme of things but the management of it is of such prominence that the success or failure in the handling of the issue is permanently attached to the individual. Such a moment is what President Jonathan is experiencing with the Chibok-Girls. Lets face it. It is never within President Jonathan’s power to stop certain extremists misinterpreting some sacred book to fit their fixated religious fabrications, but it is the President’s duty to respond unequivocally once the scale of the mayhem of such radicalisation becomes clear. On this, the President failed woefully.

President Jonathan’s handling of over 270 abducted Chibok girls is a disaster in every sense. But in political terms, and foreign relations, the government’s failure to respond effectively to the bring-back-our-girls song remains the biggest indent in Jonathan’s loosened administration, as the urgency of people’s compassion for the adducted girls, both home and abroad has seemed not to be matched by that of Jonathan’s administration; another powerful emotion now come to the fore: disenchantment.

Goodluck Jonathan, when he was beseeching for the Commander-in-Chief’s position said that the subject of corruption and inequality was too important to ignore and implicitly promised to confront them if he gets the presidency. Now that he has, he has avoided the subjects effortlessly, and even when he has addressed them, he has typically done so only opaquely. President Jonathan even himself taught Maduake how to hide the nation’s 20 million dollars and where to buy private jets with our money. The destruction wrought by endless revelations of corruption of our leaders in various wedges and the shambolic probes and committees set up by Jonathan’s government to cover them up. No lies or accusations aimed at the President by his critics’ too absurd at this time.

As Wole Soyinka puts it in his psycho-analysis of Buhari many years ago “Records are not kept simply to assist the weakness of memory, but to operate as guides to the future”. Many from the other side of the school of thought may conclude in the debate of Jonathanism that the President’s record has offered no evidence of the flickest prospect of change. The only matter of importance for the President right now is to stay in office, nothing more nothing less. Jonathan’s priority is to care less about the ordinary Nigerians he vowed to look after. His major primacy has been to stage-manage a charade National Conference Committee to amend the 1999 Constitution in other to increase the Life Pension Package of the politicians; to confer immunity on members of National Assembly and to invest massively in a forceful consensus endorsement of sole PDP presidential candidature for 2015.

Policies musing over Jonathan’s administration do not explain much, do not promise much and do not tell us where we should go from here. For a majority of Nigerians, President Jonathan now seems slow off the mark as millions of people suffered from his separationist attitude of leadership. Being amongst the 6th richest African leaders now adds to the growing impression that the President is out of touch. “You didn’t vote for me, I smuggled my way in here, so to hell with you out there”. That’s how President Jonathan seems to view things. He now patches every crevice of his failure with Buhari’s red ribbon. On critical matters such as corruption, election malpractices, jobs for the youth, electricity, roads, national security and unity, the President has advanced no agenda, divulged no vision, set forth no overarching assignment to be accomplished. The conclusion that there has been a monumental failure of Goodluck Jonathan leadership is unavoidable and people should say in this coming election “enough of this Jabajaba.


Felix Ogunsuyi Vescovi via


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