Deep rants of insatiable sepia (I)

By Felix Ogunsuyi Vescovi

Four months after taking the oath of office amidst gathering clouds and raging storms, as the Nigeria’s 14th Head of State, that little child from Otuoke village in the Niger Delta’s voice echoed from the Federal Capital’s Eagle Square, resubmitting himself to the service of our nation. Propelled by a huge public desire for ‘Change’ and deep frustration over the cancer (corruption) that’s eating away the nation’s heart, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan from the podium narrated his personal story that symbolises the Nigerian dream. A “dream that any Nigerian child from Kaura- Namoda to Duke town; from Potiskum to Nsukka, from Isale-Eko to Gboko will be able to realize his (or her) God-given potentials, unhindered by tribe or religion and unrestricted by improvised political inhibitions”. His message was like that of Barack Obama YES WE CAN to the American citizens; advocating activist government that would do nothing but a relentless commitment to improving the life of its citizens.

Goodluck Jonathan promised a new Nigeria. “A Nigeria built on the virtues of love and respect for one another, on unity, on industry, on hard work and on good governance”. With a new era of transformation in the horizon, where the now self-acclaimed ‘doing it’ President promised to “be for the students, teachers and parents of Nigeria”. Goodluck was coming to Nigeria and Jonathan was the President who will advance that good-luck of political and socio-economic feat. The President informed all the kidnappers and the ‘Boko Harams’ that give us a bad name to be ready for the fight that he shall give them. And more interestingly, President Jonathan assured us all he will have zero tolerance for corruption. His message concluded that our shared hopes and goals and values are far more important than any political disagreements and these hopes and dreams will be guided by a spirit of common sense, common courtesy and common goals -a reminiscent of optimism that accompanied the Emancipation Proclamation. This was huge for all of us and goodluck has come to Nigeria. So we thought.

Against the backdrop of such exhilaration and triumphalism, an emotional downturn was inescapable. The speech was immediately celebrated, gushing into a vivid symptom of Jonathanism. For in fact the president knows his speech was not for a more united nation, it was simply a tactical intervention aimed at quelling the North’s discomfort about GOODLUCK-NIGERIA. In neither its pomposity nor its breakdown nor its remedies did the speech offer anything outside a cautiously attuned effort to mollify a sentimentally divided public. It is now obvious that President Jonathan’s speech was nothing but a hippy-jippybaloney. Goodluck Jonathan immediately foiled his boss’s (un) Vision 20 20 20 and embarked on his UN-TRANSFORMATION AGENDA. The President surrounded himself with friends and friends of friends, even those that their sisters were made pregnant in the circle became the untouchables. Despite all the goodwill and support the President received from the public, he has being such a disappointment to 99% of Nigerians and our well-wishers.

Now President Jonathan care less about reputation or dignity that he look into the suffering eyes of Nigerians and falsify his administration’s achievements to be played out on national TV by paid actors. In the President’s official declaration for his bid for the 2015 presidential election, he reiterated his vision to be for any qualified person in respective of his/her birth status to run for any office in Nigeria, ironically the President accepts over 20million naira should be paid before you can show interest for a public office. This really shows how out of touch the President has become with regard to common Nigerian lives. For many, the passion for the President has cooled and for overpowering majority, the ecstasy is entirely gone. The sign is clear that, the President cannot disrespect us any longer. His time has come and gone. WE WILL TRY SOMEONE ELSE IN 2015.

Within the term of a President, there comes a time and an issue or crisis that defines his presidency. Some milestones are worth celebrating. Others, we’d much rather forget. Today, sadly for our President, is the latter. In the Nigeria-Commander in Chiefs’ history, it’s hard to think of a President or a head of state that has been more of an Epic Failure than President Jonathan. Even Shonekan would be very pleased this guy came along, so at least the marionette knows he will never be at the bottom list when you compare all the Nigerian Commander in Chiefs. Goodluck Jonathan at his core is self-absorbed, dishonest and without coherence in his personal beliefs, incapable of understanding the importance of this moment, a moment to lead in the debate and fight over rising corruption and its impact on a nation facing insecurity, unproductivity, moral bankruptcy and general degradation.

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