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Published On: Fri, Aug 22nd, 2014

Death and its unfamiliarity

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Allah says:

“Every soul shall have a taste of death: and we test you by evil and by good by way of trial, to us must ye return.”[al-Anbiya’: 35]


“Every soul shall have a taste of death In the end to us shall ye be brought back.’[al-Ankabut: 57]

In the name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful. May His peace and blessing be upon His last and final Messenger, his House Hold, his Companions and his entire follower till the end of time. Last Friday we started discussing the Shari’ah position on Muslims attending the functions of non-Muslims especially in their places of worships; the Churches, the Synagogues and the shrines. This segment, in sha Allah, will be the concluding part of the article. It is my prayers that this humble and moderate view will go a long way in educating both my Muslims brother and Christians’ neighbours on the need to strictly adhere to the fundamental of their religions. I ask Allah to make my affairs straightforward, understandable and comprehensible.

Today’s article is a continuation or extension of a similar article I wrote earlier this year. Precisely it was in the last Friday of March 2014. The caption was: Death: whatever time is timely. In the former article I discussed about the inevitability of death at the appropriate time destined by Allah, including death itself!

In this article, by the leave of Allah, I will discuss on the aftermath pains of death to the heirs and relations of the deceased person. Why is it that despite the commonness and usualness of death, still we could not come to terms with it and become familiar with its occurrence? Why is death so excruciating and agonizing whenever it occurs? Why we could not attained the level of maturity and development of not being distracted or agitated by its happening despite our level of sophistications? Why is death interacting with people at different frequencies; to some it is violent and wicked, to others it abrupt and swift, and yet to so many it is like hide and seek affair. One thing that is common amongst all the scenarios and synopsis is its devastating and shattering aftermath effect to the immediate relations of the deceased.

When my mother died in 1986 I was five days away from completing my NYSC service in Kaduna, Kaduna state. She played the greatest part of my Western education. My plan for her was very big as a gesture of thank you Mum. But, this death came stealthy and snatched her away! She was resting in my two hands. That day was darkest moment in my life, then. I was left alone; I became a motherless young man. I completely lost the 25 years old affection of mother forever! I looked everywhere, and there was nothing, there was no one! It took several years to regain my balance, partially!

The second darkest moment was the sudden death of Sheikh Abubakar Mahmud Gummi in 1992! I was attached to him since my first day in primary school in 1968!He was my life perfect model and mentor, beside my biological father. I respected him, I adored him and I will continue to pray for his forgiveness till my turn of testing the bitter cup of death comes.

The third darkest moment in which I was bitten with both the fangs and the jaws of death was in 2001! That was the year when my only father, friend, teacher and guidewas cowardly taken away by death. It was coward because it was afraid to take away my sick father in my presence. That fateful I was at the side of father talking and consoling him. I begged to stay with him till the next morning but politely declined on account there were my other siblings staying with him. I left him for home around 11.00 pm. But, by 11.30 pm, I heard a sound of knocking on my window. Puzzled and filled with fear, I enquired; who’s it? A feeble and despairing voice answered. It was, alas it was the voice of cousin; the person I left my father’s care in his custody. I immediately knew from that moment the vicious snatcher has done its worse again! Right in front of my door was the Dr. Dan Gaji; the head of medical team in charge of my father’s health. I can see him filled with astonishment and disbelief. He on seeing me started praying for the repose of my father’s soul! The devastation left me very dry that moment. I did not weep! I did not yell nor did I shade tears until when I saw my father lifeless and motionless on the hospital bed! I wept, sobbed and moaned! I muttered: “Inna lillahiwainnaialiraji’un”!

In fact, I have never contemplated on the difference between truth and belief until that long night! It is a fact that corpse does not physically harm any one. But, people do not believe this as truth. People tremble when they see closely with a corpse of even their loved ones. Does that mean not truths are believable? At least this can be very good example between truth and belief.

With the death of my father and the indelible marks of desolation and depression it has left on me, I thought I have cried, sobbed and wept enough, and will never wept for anybody after him. But, what happened last Sunday completely proved me wrong. I have not recently where armed robbers killed after they have gotten what they wanted; cooperation!

A fantastic and jovial gentleman; SurajoAdamu was mercilessly killed at very close range after ransacking his house and dumped him in the boot of only car in front of his abode. They shot him in the head and rained bullets on his chest! It was an accomplished assignment of a classic wickedness with the barbaric disposition; never heard in real life.

What was more devastating was the suddenness and the abruptness. I was waiting for his call in few minutes, now that short waiting has become eternal one. I will never get the reply he promised me immediately after the last call.

After waiting for ten minutes without his promised call, I called, and called but to no avail. The lines were switched off! I thought he must have run out of battery. So, I waited until two hours later, deep in my sleep, another close associate ranged me. When I picked the phone with closed eyes, he muttered; they have killed him! I said, who? He replied, Surajo! I said who killed him? He said armed robbers! I said why? And there no answer until now! Why would such a nice person be killed by anybody? Somebody we knew to be very friendly with his customers as a tailor. He was not a politician or a football fan! He was not socializing in red districts. He has never missed his steps in drugging life. He was a man loved by all his friends and customers. Until now we do not suspect anybody behind this crime because of what we knew of him! But Allah knows better and will expose them on that great day!

Now I realized that death has the nature of ordinariness as a consequence of being frequent and commonplace; it still has the virtue of not being unusual. It is no doubt phenomenon of uncommonness by virtue of being unusual.

May his very gentle soul rest in perfect peace and endless bliss!


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