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Published On: Tue, Jul 31st, 2018

Deaf PDP: Too late, too little to rebrand

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By Olisa Uzoewulu (Wulus)

When Satan and sorcery govern, ideas are not respected. The devil creates enemies all around and introduces fantasy with short duration.
The Nigeria political parties are governed and directed by evil with intent to conflict to death in 2019. They are planning to do battle and not delivery of service to the electorate. It is talk, the same description without solution, but whenever attempt is given to solution the same old obsolete concepts are designed which drives the wheel of development in cycles.
Since the failure of PDP in 2015 general election, they refused to rebrand. They developed a fake interest prone think tank. They produced the old school solution. Now the information is that PDP want to change its name. They want to change name without changing the personalities in order to allow new service driven concept
It is such a pity. The citizens and electorates are insulted with that concept as an idea. PDP need to carry out a total overhaul and chart a new direction. The assumption that APC is not performing can’t be enough reason to accept the PDP as an alternative. Such assumption is a great insult to the choice because party A and B are the same. The only difference is the personnel movement at internal to either A or B depending on the party in power. I may be put to test in 2019.
The electorates need more than defection. Defection is not the delivery of democratic performance. Hence in my publication immediately PDP lost the 2015 election, I suggested that the party should rebrand. The party should seek relationship and association with other political parties, change the name and leadership at all levels, and allow participants that have not been in government to run affairs. If this suggestion was implemented then the party will be in the position to be a reliable opposition. The argument being that the leaders of PDP in the party or government will not constitute a reliable solid opposition when the APC faults.
They will be labeled corrupt and rightly so. The impurity of corruption makes it readily difficult for participants in PDP sixteen years of leadership not to be found corrupt when serious investigation takes place. PDP becomes deaf and continued in the same process that led to its rejection by the electorates. It is too late now for PDP to want a change of name with the same operators in place. Hopefully the electorates will buy and dump APC. The two parties are the same ten and ten pence. There is not much change because they are populated by the same hybrid content.
The timing is wrong and the purpose deceitful. It cannot achieve the intended objectives because the market value and content have not changed
The Ekiti defeat and the conditions of the defecting APC of the former citizens of PDP generated a change of name as curative to the Nigerian problems. It became a design and desire. It may be a fact and true to certain level and time that the class holds by the politicians on the citizens makes it difficult for a new thing to emerge. But the impact of poor leadership could trigger urgency for a real change to our leadership deficiency which is the major factor for the Nigerian underdevelopment and corruption. No matter how long delayed, bottled by Satan, a new approach and way will certainly emerge. Deliberate poor leadership and injustice does not last.
There will be a failure in 2019 in the continuous acceptance of under development as the price paid by the citizens. Even if such process is snail rate, the fantasy of Satan will fail. God’s gift will take over in a rapid rejection of all the satanic apostles. Like Ekiti and 2019, if the same ten and ten pence still present a dance of outdated promises then the campaign lies will not determine the winner. It will be the usual shameful character by our leaders handed over to the citizens and electorates thus: who pays more cash or distributes more money to the electorates that wins to continue the process of misrule. Such process will indicate the level the nation has fallen. It will be a question of who shares more money than a choice for proactive leader. The problem of bad leaders will not be addressed rather a law made or be enforced that accepting or giving money or sharing money is unlawful. It is not ideas or political promises or campaign that determines the victor in 2019 because the promising agents have failed. At this stage our routine political parties and leaders have ran out of ideas and promises.
The next line of action tossing the citizens around from one of the same party in character to another is no solution to the issues of underdevelopment. The campaign strategy of defection is suspect. It is not a solution agent. The spread and continuation of the same process will lead to a more serious problem if a real alternative is not developed or the system cleaned up- to accept the germination of development. We are getting close to the solution of the Nigerian business as the political class lack the muscle to do so. It is spiritual and the political persistent leader are heading and driving towards the solution without knowing.
Rather they think it is their strategy and wisdom directing the future of the helpless citizens so much exploited, taking advantage of and suppressed with lies and fake promises
The leader must come with hunger and anger to solve the Nigerian underdevelopment, in all sectors. Such a leader is yet to come, maybe in the radar. The one that came, cries, showed anger but got in and got taken.

Olisa Uzoewulu (Wulus), an Abuja based Economist is a Public Policy Analyst.

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