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Published On: Thu, Aug 22nd, 2019

‘CRCC, not CCECC Nigeria was blacklisted by World Bank’

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The CCECC Nigeria Limited (CCECC) has refuted the reports in the media that the company and other Chinese companies have been backlisted by the World Bank.
CCECC said, the report as published was clearly a misrepresentation of the World Bank Press release and designed to mislead readers and stakeholders as none of CCECC and its affiliates has committed any fraud or corruption in Nigeria or any other countries of the world.
It said, as confirmed by the World Bank that it was another construction company, wholly-owned by China Railway Construction Corporation Ltd., established in 2012 in China that violated the World Bank’s Procurement Guidelines during the prequalification and bidding process in Georgia, Asia.
According to the World Bank publication, the misconduct by the said company borders on submitting wrong information regarding personnel, equipment and experience during the prequalification and bidding process for a highway construction contract and not corruption as sensationally reported by some media.
As part of a settlement agreement, The World Bank debarred the mother company, China Railway Construction Corporation Ltd. and all its controlled affiliates and subsidiaries from bidding for World Bank-financed new projects from June, 2019 for a period of nine (9) months.
CCECC NIGERIA LIMITED, a Nigerian company registered in Nigeria with RC No. 298534, has been operating in compliance with the laws and regulations for more than 38 years since it started business in Nigeria in 1981. Moreover, CCECC strictly complies with laws and regulations when undertaking World Bank projects and any other projects in Nigeria as well as other countries and regions in the world.
CCECC is known for good credit and high quality delivered in all the projects that we undertook, winning national acknowledgement and praise from Employers and Nigerian people. With such good reputation, CCECC has undertaken a number of significant projects in the country, like Abuja-Kaduna Railway, Abuja Rail Mass Transit project, New Airport Terminals in Abuja, Lagos, Kano, and Port Harcourt to name a few.
In recent years, CCECC was recognised as Nigeria’s Best Infrastructure Contractor, Nigeria’s Best Project Construction Corporation and Nigerian Prominent Project Construction Corporation by the Nigerian government, industry association and the press. CCECC has become a well-known brand representing good reputation and quality.
CCECC also plays an active role in corporate social responsibility, by providing basic amenities such as rehabilitation of roads, installation of boreholes, educational advancement programs, trainings and many relief efforts, to the local communities, benefiting millions of Nigerians.
We will continue to operate in compliance with laws and regulations and deliver high-quality projects for the country, making contributions to the Sustainable Development of Nigerian economy and society.

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