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Published On: Fri, Apr 17th, 2020

Coronavirus: Islamic cleric, Dahiru Bauchi, CAN proffer spiritual solutions

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From Ahmed Mohammed, Bauchi and Femi Oyelola, Kaduna

A renown Islamic scholar Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi has advised Muslims all over the World to intensify special prayers to almighty Allah to have mercy on his creatures in the whole world and end this Pandemic.
Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi gave the advice in Bauchi while speaking with newsmen, He said it’s worrisome the way the outbreak of the COVID-19 continues to spread all over the world. He said it is people who invited the pandemic because of their sins by trying to legalize immoral acts prohibited by Allah.
He cited sins like, gay marriage, lesbianism, gambling and many other vices as likely cause of the disease. He said even in Mecca and Medina today there are established gambling houses which looks like inviting the wrath of Allah upon his creatures.
He said Muslims all over the world must rise to defeat the pandemic through supplications by seeking forgiveness of their sins, glorifying the name of Allah and offering salutations to the holy prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him.
The Scholar asked Muslims to recite Surat Fatiha once, astagfirullah 4444, Salutation to the Prophet Salatul Fatih or any of the salutations 4444 and La’ilaha Illallah 4444 and verse in Surat ddukhani Rabbanakshif aanal azaba ,innamuminuwn 4444.
Sheikh Dahiru advised Muslims not to close Mosques for Jumma’at prayer or Tarawih Prayers during Ramadan. “ since they said they have prohibited large congregation, let 12 people stand for Jumma’at Prayer in every Mosque, let at least seven people attended the Tarawih prayers at least by doing so the mosques were not close”
He said this Year Ramadan Tafsir will be conducted in Bauchi in his House, not Kaduna due to the circumstances we have found ourselves and assured that the annual Ramadan Tafsir will be recorded and disseminated to people across the country via mass medium and advised People to follow strictly advise giving to us by the Medical experts by observing social distance, hand washing and other advice.
The Scholar who is the leader of Tijjaniyya adherents said “ with regards to countering the phenomenon Muslims must pray to Allah by the virtue of the Prophet Mohammed and his Miracles, by the virtue of the Holy Quran and its verses and his exalted servants we ask Allah to have mercy upon the whole world to reach an end to this pandemic soon and to give us stability to continue to perform our ibadah and spiritual activities in the coming Ramadan such as Tafsir, Umrah and Hajj”.
For its part, the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Kaduna state chapter, has called on Christians in the state and elsewhere to truly be their brothers’ keepers at this trying moment by giving to the vulnerable.
The Association Chairman in the state Rev. Joseph John Hayab made the assertion in a statement made available to media in kaduna yesterday.
He added that the believers in the state should remain obedient to constituted authority,we strongly, saying the leadership of CAN in the state is not unmindful of what most members are going through during this time of COVID-19 lockdown.
“Though it is not easy but with obedience and strict observance of the laid down regulations of regular Staying at Home,washing of hands, avoiding large gatherings, ensuring social distancing and others as stipulated by the government and medical experts towards curbing the spread the virus,as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, we would by God’s grace soon get out of this trying moment.
“ As a body of Christ, we should be seen to be exhibiting high sense of discipline and maturity by complying with the laid down measures initiated by those in authority for our own survival.
“This call is in obedience to scripture in Acts 4:32-35 where all the believers then were one in heart and mind, having everything in common and bringing from their blessings to the Church food bank so that there should be no one that is hungry.
“This spirit should be seen practically demonstrated in our lives, Churches and community at this critical time.
“ Touching the lives of others no matter how little should not be neglected among us but we should help each other materially so that while praying and trusting God Almighty for divine healing and a permanent solution to mitigating this pandemic, our faith should be seen moving along with our works just as the Bible says Faith without works is death
“. It is selfish and ungodly to tell a hungry man to just pray without helping to care for his stomach.
“Though the state government has given us two days every week to do our shopping, we should not forget that 90 per cent of our brethren cannot buy anything during those two days because they have nothing to go to the market to buy food with.
“ This situation among our fellow brothers and sisters calls for serious reflection and the urgent need to take necessary steps to ameliorate the suffering of our beloved ones.
“We wish to appeal if it is possible for Individual to carry out this gesture from neighbor to neighbour. This gesture will make the world to see and appreciate how we are touching the lives of each other as each day goes by.
“Though government at all levels are coming up with some measures to cushion the suffering Nigerians are going through, we should on our own take this help to go down to the real common people by ensuring every Nigerian has something to eat with his or her family during the duration of this lockdown.
“It is alarming that in some parts of the country some people have started voicing their impatience to the reality of what they are passing through in life.
“We should not allow what we see or hear happening in other places come to our domain, in the spirit of togetherness, we should please endeavour to share the very little we have with one another believing that God loves a cheerful giver and has so many ways to bless the giver in return.
“As we faithfully pray and obey all laid down rules guiding us on how to overcome the Coronavirus pandemic, we should not forget to pray for our medical workers and government for God’s direction, wisdom and understanding of how to successfully go about handling Nigerians on how to overcome the pandemic that has come the way of man so that together we shall overcome and have a story to tell tomorrow.
“I strongly count on everyone and the Church to play our roles effectively and prayerfully through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we shall, God’s willing, overcome and return glory unto the Lord for His love and mercies to man at all times. Let’s keep the faith with practical demonstrations to one another, the good Lord will definitely see us through.” The statement reads.

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