Confab: Delegate calls for measures to stop men from urinating in open places

A delegate representing retired civil servants at the National Conference, MrsEbele Okeke, has called

for measures to stop men from urinating in the open.

Okeke, a former Head of Civil Service of the Federation, made the call on Monday as her contribution to the debate on the report of the Conference Committee on Environment.

She said the act of men urinating in public was an eyesore and dangerous to the environment.

Okeke also called for measures to stop open defecation as such act contributed to the spread of diseases.

She condemned the situation where landlords built houses without making provision for toilets and so encouraged open defecation.

“Nigeria is like a big toilet, where people defecate in open places.

“This is due largely to the fact that landlords build houses without toilets and even where there are toilets, these toilets are converted to stores.

“I, therefore, propose that open defecation be banned and men, particularly, should not come out of their houses to urinate,” she said.

Okeke called for the provision of potable water for all Nigerians irrespective of location, considering that the right to water was very important.

She said Nigeria was one of the countries with the highest rate of infant mortality due to the lack of potable water which caused preventable diseases, such as cholera and diarrhoea.(NAN)

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