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Published On: Mon, Dec 11th, 2017

CESJET alleges plot to blackmail Nigerian military

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By Stanley Onyekwere

The Centre for Social Justice, Equity and Transparency (CESJET) has raised an alarm over an alleged attempt by some crisis entrepreneurs to blackmail the Nigerian military and its leadership.
The group said Nigerians would have observed the escalation of activities targeted at destabilizing Nigeria in recent weeks. It said those behind this plot plan to achieve their aim by distracting the military and security services through deliberate flooding of social media with false information.
Addressing journalists in Abuja yesterday, CESJET Executive Secretary, Comrade Ikpa Isaac, strongly condemned the plot, describing it as irresponsible and satanic.
According to him, Nigerians who recognize the sacrifices of the military will not be fooled by such campaign of calumny.
He alleged that the plot is the handiwork of international mischief makers and their local assets who are yet to be in tandem with the reality of the successes of the Nigerian military’s war on terror.
The CESJET boss urged Nigerians to beware of the lies associated with the execution of this plot and to ward off any attempt to discredit the military, saying the calculated end point of the plot’s sponsors is a Nigeria in crisis.
“From what we have observed the plan has been well hatched between foreign interests and their local representatives. Some components of the plot have already been activated, some phases are in progress while others are awaiting implementation.
“The release and publication of fictitious and bogus reports by NGO affiliates of the detractors: these reports will make allegations of right abuses against the military and would be given the widest international and local coverage possible.
“A variant of the reports would claim that there has been a disproportionately high casualty on the part of the Nigerian military in the fight against Boko Haram.
“In the later stages of the plot, the detractors will procure the kind of weapons used by Nigerian troops and make same available to either actors of Boko Haram fighters for photo opportunities while some of the NGOs will then circulate pictures purporting to show captured weapons from the Nigerian military.
“Exploitation of advisories by the diplomatic missions of several countries: routine advisories issued by countries to their nationals are to be exploited to create the impression that Boko Haram members have overpowered security operatives to take over several Nigerians cities and that they will soon be able to carry out large scale attacks.
“This component is not just to tarnish the military and the government but is also aimed at eroding investors’ confidence in bringing business to Nigeria. It is curious that this component has been activated at a time when the economy is in recovery mode,” he said.
He explained that other components of the plot includes lying about routine postings and deployments with the objective of ensuring the Armed Forces are constrained from making routine changes for operational efficiency.
He also alleged that the services of western media conglomerates have been procured to run damaging stories on the Nigerian government and the military.
He however appealed to the military not to relent in dealing with threats to Nigerian since the preservation of human life is a sacred duty that the current military leadership has performed creditably well as proven by the Global Terrorism Index 2017.

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