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Published On: Tue, Dec 1st, 2020

Capitalism and colonialism, the vicious Siamese twins

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By Aina Ademola

It’s a matter of urgency to explain the growth of these two complementing philosophies of oppression which are capitalism and colonialism. Many Black people are really oblivious of facts, they have become accustomed to lies which has turned out becoming almost something normal in the status quo. Africans are never rightists, historically and ideologically Africans have always been members of the left. It’s so sad seeing Black people justifying capitalism, it’s the height of miseducation and organic disconnection which if continues may lead to complete annihilation of the black race.
It’s necessary to understand that capitalism and colonialism go hand in hand, they grew together, they’re complementing ideologies, the initial can’t survive without the latter. They erupted at the same time, they are the two philosophies employed by the racists invaders to oppress and exploit africans. How do I mean? The economic and political setting in Africa wasn’t a capitalist type, it was called communalism which Marxist brothers and sisters call primitive communism; it was an economic and political system whereby there wasn’t private ownership of business, land and all the resources therein belonged to the community and not an individual. When the racist white men invaded Africa they usurped the land and all the resources there in and this led to a race struggle first; that is the black race and the white race; all the properties that belonged to the African communal society was usurped from them by force by the racist white invaders, the racist white men then started setting up companies and industries, since all that belonged to Africans have been hijacked, they began to live in destitution and were forced to sell their labor to the racist white man who later turned their labor into capital and this then led to the creation of social stratification, that is the Bourgeoisie, the petty bourgeoisie and the peasantry. The bourgeoisies were the racist white men who were on top of the social ladder, the petty bourgeoisie were warrant chiefs, black bureaucrats and intelligentsias and also some who have made their way through the military, the peasants were the lowest on the social ladder; they were Africans who lived in poverty as a result of the usurpation of their lands and their properties by the racist white invaders. In francophone colonial Africa there were the Citoyens, the Assimliles and the Sujets. The Citiyens were French citizens, the Assimles were the petty bourgeoisie and the sujets were the african peasants who have been affected by colonialism and capitalism. Understand how the racist white man disrupted Africa’s political economy, understand how capitalism and colonialism grew together, understand how race struggle is part of the class struggle. Anywhere you see a race struggle there’s inevitably class struggle because race struggle precedes class struggle. Furthermore, the white invaders hijacked the African economy, they started exporting minerals and this linked the African economy with the world capitalist market so, individualism, capitalism, tendencies of private ownership of businesses began to grow. Hundreds of years of colonialism have made us normalize oppression and inequality. So if you’re anti colonialism and anti imperialism it means automatically you’re anti capitalism because all these ideologies grew together at the same time but if you’re against colonialism but you’re not against capitalism it just means you don’t understand what you’re doing. Political ideology is a reflection of class interest, for instance individualism, elitism, capitalism & colonialism, fascism, oligarchy amongst others are oppressive bourgeois thinking and they represent the interest of the bourgeoisie class; socialism and Marxism represent the interest of the working class and peasants. It saddens me a lot seeing Africans debating which is better between capitalism and colonialism, it’s just ignorance is full display.
How do we solve the problem of capital? We have to understand that when capital continues to dominate labor for a long time, labor will organize and rise until it crushes capital and that’s why we have revolutionary organizations like working class union, trade organization and co. These organizations must remain vigilant, militant, revolutionary and ultimately un-compromised. Organization of the masses of the people towards the overthrow of oppressive regimes, imperialism and sham independence is a major ingredient. The peasants and the working class must unite holding on to the fact that they are the most revolutionary elements in every political setting and as well, they are the most populated. As Karl Marx said “Let the ruling class tremble at a communistic revolution, the proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains, they have a world to win”. As Kwame Nkrumah told us “ When an awoken intelligentsias rises from a subject people, it becomes the vanguard of the resistance of an alien rule”. The black revolutionary intelligentsias must organize and take the revolutionary songs to the peasantry who are unorganized. The struggle continues…
This article is dedicated to the African peasants and working class all over the world

Aina Ademola is a Public Affairs Analyst.

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