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Published On: Thu, Oct 23rd, 2014

Cancerous growth in PDP

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By Ken Oloye

Politics, they say, is a dirty game. It must need filthy people to thrive in it. If that is anywhere near the truth, it would be milder to the ears that Labour Party Governor of Ondo State, Olusegun Mimiko is switiching party. It was a triumph. An actualization and celebration of the will of the people back in year 2009 when Governor Mimiko was voted by the masses and how he wrestled his mandate from the now late OlusegunAgagu.

Mimiko performed averagely well in his first term and Ondo State citizens sang his name. Agagu killed a thousand, Mimiko killed tens of thousands. Where are the spoils of war in year 2014?Having performed averagely well in his first term, the citizens of Ondo State thought it worthwhile to give him another chance to continue the good work. I campaigned for his re-election in my closed circle. I saw a new beginning in Ondo State through the promising Labour party. I foresaw a better future for Ondo State politics. We were wrong to trust the cunning man endowed with “maradonic” political dribbles.

In Governor Mimiko’s second term, Ondo State has remained dormant. The 2013 budget could not fly because he was rumored to have spent billions of Ondo State money to bribe judges and overpay influential lawyers to win at the tribunal. Year 2014 dragged on with an over N150 billion budget. It is October now and a dime has not been released to any Ministry to pursue and implement budgeted plans and projects.

While the people were still bemoaning their folly in re-electing the “maradona”, he announced his intention of moving party. This may be a cause for treble celebration. The PDP can be overwhelmed by the prospect of having in their ranks a proven Maradona who promise to deliver Ondo State to it on a gold platter. The APC can joy that Labour Party is under the gulag and PDP a taboo to the people of Ondo State while Labour Party under Mimiko’s cruel knife can also breathe a sigh of relief that the curse is being taken away.

The rule of Governor Mimiko is unfavourable both to the citizens and party members alike. Labour Party’s reign under autocratic Mimiko therefore was coming to an end. Now that the be-devilled is moving parties, labour Party can thrive again.Is this move another plot by the “maradona” in this delicate and dirty game of politics? To remain in office, he was rumored to have signed an agreement with PDP to switch party. Many branded him PDP in Labour Party’s clothing but also he could be Labour Party in PDP’s clothing. He got what he wanted, he used the PDP. Could his move to PDP after his fall from grace be a master plan to destroy the chances of PDP in Ondo State? Or is this step a final loss of possession?

PDP won Ekiti State on a landslide victory. This is a testament to the fact that politics is taking a new turn. It is recently no more about power and money.All that avails now is personality and work. Ondo State saw a better prospect in Mimiko back in year 2009 when the whips and cords of the PDP led government of Olusegun Agagu needed respite and Ekiti State citizens didn’t forget in a hurry the graceful rule of Adebayo Fayose in his first term of office and he got the peoples backing.

Now that the fallen angel moves to PDP, Labour Party can cry to their Mama, PDP can kiss Ondo State goodbye for another 4 years while the APC have the opportunity to win the hearts of the betrayed people of Ondo State. Whatever reasons or motive behind this unceremonious and incongruous move, Governor Mimiko will undoubtedly be a cancer to the PDP in Ondo state.

David Oloye wrote in from Akure, Ondo state


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