Building Nigeria today for better tomorrow

By Rabiu Oladele

Like I do tell people that we should always try not to be influenced negatively by the bad situations surrounding us, we can just be the change agent the community is waiting for rather than contributing more to the misfortune of people surrounding us.
It’s so unfortunate that the youths of nowadays have all what it takes to change the world positively, but lacks the opportunity to do so unlike the past generation that had massive opportunities but lack what it takes to change the world. Let’s look at it from the perspective of the advantages provided by the use of social media that we have now, it wasn’t in existence in the past generation. It is one of the ways we can use to build ourselves today for a better tomorrow. Do you know a lot of people get to know more about how they can equip themselves through the use of social media? There has also been professions been created through this means and so many other positive things we could think of.
As for me, I have make it an obligation to convince the youths around me on how we can make Nigeria one of the greatest country in the world by writing and publishing articles on intervals on various issues that is happening and how it can be of benefit to us, to educate, influence, encourage, orientate the youths on how positively we can be of help to our nation.
I was walking along a particular street of Lagos and I saw some youths who encouraged me a lot with the kind of activities they engaged in, though I won’t be mentioning the name of the association as it is yet to be registered. What they do is basically community services. Activities like visiting educational institutions on intervals to educate the students on how they can be of help to their various environments. I took my time to interview some of the members of the association and also their President which they told me a lot. They also said they deal with controlling traffic whenever there is gridlock on our roads, and also assisting in organizing educational tutorials in the community to enhance our learning and reading ability.
They also have decided to invest in building human capacity in order to build a nation of good people, by then we will have people of good character that can run the affairs of our country Nigeria so we can all have a good place to live tomorrow.
Some of the things they also engage in is community environmental sanitation, by helping in cleaning the environment to make it livable. Some of them are now contributing resources to establish a business, you can imagine if we are in a world where everyone is engaged in one good activity like this, we will have little or no bad people amongst us and we will be living in a good environment and by then, we will live in a great nation.
Also giving people orientation on how to get involved in active politics is what this group of young people does. Either we like it or not our daily activities depends on the policies in the laid down rules and regulations known as the constitution of the land, now if we say we don’t want to get involved, we are leaving ourselves to be controlled by the people that might make laws and policies selfishly and will definitely have effects on our daily living so by this, they advocate for good people to get involve in active politics so we can have people of good and reliable characters that will make policies that can guide our great nation Nigeria aright.
If each and every one of us are so conscious of these little things, we will all be building a better tomorrow for our great nation, Nigeria.
I will like you reading this to ask yourself this simple question “WHAT AM I DOING TO GIVE BACK TO MY SOCIETY”, if you can answer this and you are conscience satisfied, then you are doing something good but if its otherwise, you can still change to do that good thing in helping your environment.

Rabiu Oladele is a Public Affairs Analyst.

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