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Published On: Tue, Oct 21st, 2014

Buhari: Yes, he can (I)

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BuhariBy Peter Claver Oparah

He stands tall and unmistakable in any crowd. His sparkling white personage compliments an untainted and unsoiled history of presence in the moth-infested national politics. He has what is greatly lacking in Nigerian politics, especially in the present genre of our politicians viz; honesty, integrity, discipline and incorrigibility. These are very rare attributes, which perhaps no other loud player in the murky and sordid Nigerian politics at present, has. With these, he stands as a perpetual rebuke to the philistines and vandals that have over ran our politics and rendered it such a sordid art that only thieves and their cahoots excel. His looming sparkling presence indicts their own messy records. His record of integrity and honesty clearly violate their own putrid baggage. That is why they fear him. That is why they can’t stand the scrutiny his presence is bound to bring to their shady presence in our national politics.

It is in the light of these aforesaid redoubtable testimonials that most Nigerians especially the lowly, the downtrodden and the deprived find comfort in the candidacy of General Muhammadu Buhari for the serially abused and horribly downgraded Nigerian presidency in the epic 2015 contest. It is such that the man draws massive approval from the deprived cache of Nigerian population who had been at the very receiving end of political marauders and heartless political rent collectors who have deigned the national treasury as a swathe of their personal heritage to be milked and exploited to the detriment of millions of suffering Nigerians. By deciding to once again, lay a strong challenge to the Nigerian presidency, Buhari, fondly called Mai Gaskiya by his myriad of supporters, is raising some glimmer of hope of what is rescuable in an ant-infested polity where political cannibalism and predatory exploitation have become the order of the day. There is little doubt that in deciding not to soil and corrupt his hands when he was in control of fonts of riches and power, Buhari made very mortal enemies of those who frown at any effort to disallow a free meal of the national treasury. It is certain that these slutty nabobs will do everything to stop him in 2015, as they did in previous elections but the masses must insist on having their ways this time around given the torture they have undergone in the past fifteen years.

It is just easy to say that Buhari has contested and never ‘won’ any of the macabre parodies that pass for Nigerian presidential elections in the past. It is just too easy to use that parameter to play down on his chances in the ensuing 2015 election. But when those elected through such shambolic elections live and wake on what Buhari said or did not say on issues that spew forth from governance, it is easy to discover who the real winner of such intentionally manhandled elections was. But then, nothing could be done about the fact that under his towering personality that suffers laggards and sluggards gladly, that avoids the many useless parades of power that stand aloof in the endless show of shame that has come to deface governance in Nigeria, the genius of the robbers and marauders now vandalizing Nigeria are eternally rebuked. Nothing can be done to the fact that those that continue to strip our country of every available resource are scared stiff by the possibility of a Buhari comeback but then, nothing can prevent an idea whose time has come.

Buhari ruled Nigeria as a military Head of State. He served Nigeria as Minister of Petroleum and Works and further served as Chairman of PTF. These are plum positions one could have employed to ensure that his generations never get assailed by poverty. But he refused to employ these lofty offices to serve himself. He neither helped himself nor his generation from the barn he was to guard but did everything to set a record of honesty, integrity and discipline those that came after him have found too difficult to adhere to. He lives a life of practical example and this has made of him mortal enemies of the serial leaches and vampires who would rather he liberalized the fonts of looting for them to grow fat in a land riffed by mindless poverty and want. Buhari left office without a personal house and without fat bank accounts and this has made him a laughing stock among the thieving elites while it has drawn for him fanatical following from the poor and the downtrodden. In Nigeria, legions of the poor and downtrodden are powerless against one wealthy robber and ragamuffin who stands to control the politics and the electoral process to force either himself or his hireling to power. There lies the root of Buhari not ‘winning’ elections in Nigeria and therein is embedded the very soul of the spirit of anomie and evil that controls Nigeria at present.

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