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Published On: Thu, Dec 20th, 2018

Buhari undistracted by 2019 elections -Group

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By Umar Muhammad Puma

The President Buhari administration is undistracted by the upcoming 2019 polls and remains committed to delivering governance, fulfilling its promises and ensuring that the lives of the Nigerian people become better, the Buhari Media Organisation has said.
“Despite the rave and wave of elections, President Buhari and his team are not distracted from the core purpose of why the mandate of governance was handed to them. The administration has remained steadfast on issues of governance, has not lowered the bar in moral standing and is determined to have Nigeria return to its rightful place in the comity of nations.”
The group in a statement signed by Niyi Akinsiju, its Chairman and Cassidy Madueke, its secretary, noted that unlike previous administrations who during elections would suspend governance for money-sharing campaigns, the President Buhari administration had set a new standard of how governance should be despite electioneering by staying 100% committed to delivering on its promises and not loosing focus.
“In the past, as we had seen under the PDP administration, election seasons meant that all governance was suspended. Money sharing would commence and all government functionaries would abandon their offices to go and begin campaigns. Under President Buhari this ugly pattern has been rightly reversed.”
“Despite it being less than three months to the general elections, President Buhari and his Ministers have not suspended governance for politics. Ministers are seen attending to files and important government meetings even till very late in the night. Heads of agencies too are focused on delivering on the mandates of their agencies. This is how it should be.” The group stated in a statement.
The group stated that due to the President’s anti-corruption stand, and the systemic fixes he has delivered to our institutions in curbing leakages and stealing of government funds, the 2019 elections would certainly not be a money sharing jamboree but a time for accountability and records-showing.
“The electioneering under President Buhari is one that is far from tainted with money. There is no more stolen money, and so only records matter. It is a time when the incumbent has presented himself for re-election based on his laudable record and unmatchable achievements. In dispensations before now, the electioneering period would have been a bazaar for the President and his Ministers; free and unaccounted moneys would be shared to cronies of the government to secure votes, because they had nothing to show for their time in office.”
The group recalled that the immediate previous dispensation was so bad that it was sharing moneys meant for the purchase of arms for soldiers in the warfront to politicians to buy votes.
“The PDP administration indeed made mockery of governance when it turned the CBN into its party’s vault. Politicians where heard to have taken notes from top government persons to collect hard currencies from the CBN. Even moneys meant for prosecuting the war against Boko Haram were not spared: those funds went into the pockets of politicians for the elections.”
The group stated that President Buhari was reforming Nigeria steadily, and that the attitude of Nigerians towards values such as hard work and honour was being reawakened.
BMO stated that President Buhari’s leadership in Nigeria’s journey to change may be a tough, rough and rigorous one, but that it would be a journey to a promise land that all Nigerians would at the end of the day be proud of. It called on Nigerians to continue to support the President as positive results were being seen across various sectors and reforms being implemented were showing positive results.

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