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Published On: Wed, Sep 27th, 2017

Buhari Organization kicks against restructuring

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From Ahmed Kaigama, Bauchi

Buhari Organizations in Bauchi has observed that the clamoring for restructuring the country which has been a recurring decimal in the historical evolution of Nigeria is often echoed and amplified only when the leadership baton is in the hands of a northern leader.
Putting the Buhari campaign organization’s position at a zonal public hearing on true federalism held Monday in Bauchi, the Gombe state coordinator, Engr. Sa’ad Abubakar Abdullahi, who said that the North has ever since the 1966 military coup never called for restructuring of the country.
They expressed worry over the lopsidedness in the clamour, recalling how Southern political leaders were dissatisfied with the country’s leadership that took over from the colonial masters after independence in October 1960.
The organization said, “Events that marked our history as an independent nation five years after independence were too gruesome, lopsided, and heavily against the North. Nearly all the Northern political leadership and most of its senior military leaders were wiped out in a military coup d’etat”.
Abdullahi, who also holds the traditional title of Majidadin Gombe, recalled that from 1979 to 1985 was a period two Northerners were in charge and in all cases were abruptly terminated in a period of barely six years.
He said however that for a period of sixteen years 1999 – 2015 when the country was ruled predominantly by two Southerners, no whisper of restructuring was heard, let alone a call or agitation as is being witnessed now, simply because a Northerner is in the helm of affairs of the country.
“This is happening only two years after a long silence on the subject matter, sixteen years because it is their ‘own’ that were ruling the country. All is well when it is their own that is in charge, Nigeria is in good form and shape and should not be restructured. It is only when it is somebody else that Nigeria turns into an ugly monster that needs to be restructured”.
Engr. Sa’ad Abdullahi, also the chairman of Governing Council of Federal College of Education, Okene, explained that it is difficult for any discerning mind to understand how genuine and real are their reasons for the agitations and calls for the restructuring of the country.
The Education Chief while finding it difficult to fathom any good reason for the Gombe Buhari campaign organization to support such calls and agitations, simply dismissed them with wave of hands, and advised for reforms in system of government, devolution of power and security.
He submitted that those agitating and clamouring for restructuring of Nigeria have shown no cogent reason and therefore deserve no support, and expressed optimism that the organization’s submission will assist the APC committee in the execution of its assignment.

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