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Published On: Mon, Jun 16th, 2014

Buhari and the Chibok schoolgirls

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By Sadiq Baba Kura Imam

Plenty reasons make it obvious that those people who abducted the girls, forty other women yesterday and do the massacres are one and the same people spearheading the fight against a bogus terrorism. As we shall see, the same people who abducted the girls are the ones shouting in the media “bring back our girls”. Bringing them back to bombs and slaughtering in Borno where not less than 6800 people were killed since the first abduction. Perhaps they might be safer in the hands of a more secure and successful Boko haram who always have very few causalities compared to the innocent citizens under the protection of an almighty Federal Republic.

The deliberate failure or unwillingness of the government to rescue the girls, that the Army claimed it knows where they are incarcerated has embolden the terrorist to come to the same Chibok and capture away 40 other poor innocent mothers and their animals yesterday.

A while ago, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari called for an end to the Boko Haram insurgency and concerted effort by government to free the young daughters. Frankly, we expect much more from a first class statesman and leader who has the most priced dividends of being a Head of State or President: classic information and diverse connections.

To blow the whistle, to spill the beans is a sacred obligation on the General considering those facts that his colleagues who led the country, do not have the necessary clout to say out and follow through what every other person knows.We know him to be able to call spade a spade. Because he alone unlike the others is neither a core co-perpetrator nor a pawn in the game of the new world order chauvinism.

Generally, most if not all, the noise on Boko Haram and other Nigerian problems is made on symptoms: the truth and false of what is happening to us. But totally not on the root causes and on the final solutions. This is the root cause of complete indicissivess in our affairs. Again, this is further quadrupled by having today a government that is absolutely a pawn in the game of the New World Order and globalization blackmail.

For there is no doubt that our leaders are perfectly blackmailed that they dare not speak the truth. Aided to rise to power, aided to divert billions, aided to assassinate their adversaries, aided to bend the law, then brake it and ultimately bastardise it. With this record that needs no proof in their hands, how can they fail to silence their biological mothers themselves if ordained by those designers and custodians of the said records. Let alone the talk of poor innocent citizens slaughtered by people they know or people they are with.

By the way, a lot of reasons for the rise and success of Boko Haram had been debated. Credible as they are, the whole point is missing where the root cause, historically appreciated, even if back to the days of slavery or apartied cruelty perpetrated by this same people are neglected and shelved off and forgotten. This is simply because the same dictators of the tunes of the media choose and determine the debate and analysis on Boko Haram and its causes: Poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, corruption etc. But not on the root cause like external intrusion which beyond Boko Haram is the root cause of the said corruption, poverty, illiteracy etc.

lliteracy is surely a determining factor in the success of Boko Haram. However, who bastardised the equally resourceful traditional educational methods, where Borno leads the country in its mastery? Who undermines the so called western education in the country?Under a well known Devil’s theory studies in their University which they always castigate as conspiracy theories and which certain atrocities climax into divide and rule, they determine the level of education of the exploited countries. That is to be educated enough to communicate with them, carry out their designs, but not educated enough to confront and outdo their exploiters.

Here the issue is why can’t we debate openly what every other person seems to know. This to the extent that a top class columnist who is also a senior aid to our General being very tactical with the truth. AdamuAdamu once said “As the limit is reached, the Americans have offered to help and the president has accepted, and Britain, China and France, which has taking a keener interest in what is happening than all the three, earlier in the week offered their own expertise which we hope will also be accepted. Of the four, at least two have been suspected of having links, no matter how tenuous, but isn’t it curious and surprising that it is only Israel, which has been deeply embedded in the nation’s security network, that has not openly offered to help? It is time for game change, isn’t it?

The only potent solution to Nigeria’s problems and woes is the creation, orientation, and awareness of a pragmatic nationalistic patriotism with emphasis on the ultimate sacredness of independence. If it should be – a tough or milder Walter Rodney’s way – the options are limited and the time is ticking. We must at all cost come together and transform our country or continent from a glorified copy cat trash bin of other countries to a matchable competitor and partners.

Sadiq Baba Kura Imam via


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